Sat, Jun 6, 2020

February 04, 2018 | WES ABNEY

A peek at Merry Munchie Box, Daily High Club Box, and Green Box PDX. Photos by Daniel Berman.


Wine of the month clubs have existed for decades, allowing connoisseurs to take a shipment each month for new and interesting bottles, expanding their knowledge and wine cellar monthly. The same model exists today for razors, cigars, Legos and now Cannabis, which only makes sense. Whether ordering a Daily High Club box full of accessories for smoking, or a Green Box from Portland filled with legal Cannabis products, you can’t go wrong with a monthly service subscription. And because this is the lifestyle issue, and we are highlighting things that break down barriers,

We also include the newest 4/20 friendly food item to go nationwide, the Jack in the Box Munchie Meal. Each of these boxes has its place, in lungs, stomachs or on the shelf, and all are helping break down barriers and normalize Cannabis usage and our lifestyle.


Daily High Club is a subscription service offering a new twist on the theme box subscriptions. Filled with all the accessories you could want, the only hard choice is picking your subscription level.

One dollar monthly gets you a month’s supply of new rolling papers, $12 monthly gets you seven to nine products such as Raw cones or tips, custom papers and more. The best deal is the $30 El Primo box, which features $80 worth of items. We found cool glass, dab tools, papers and more in our boxes, which was like a magical weed gift.


Oregon’s liberal Cannabis laws and creative thinkers have led to the creation of the PDX Green Box, the coolest weed subscription service we’ve ever seen! Curated locally by a team of Cannabis professionals, each box is filled with new, organic and high-quality products, and they are all made with Cannabis! They aren’t generic either. Founder Adrian Wayman works to make sure that each box is custom tailored to the end buyer through feedback on products. Boxes can come with flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals and more. With 10 percent going to charity, you can feel good about supporting a company changing the stigma surrounding Cannabis. Current deliveries are available in the incorporated areas of Portland, but we hope to see this awesome service expand in the future.


Co-branded with Snoop Dogg’s brand Merry Jane, the Merry Munchie Meal is the first openly Cannabis themed food item to enter the mainstream. While no amount of weed can help the overly fried food be any healthier, it can definitely make Jack in the Box taste better. Available in California and more states in the future, reportedly.