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February 04, 2018 | WES ABNEY

Combine a little romance with the enhancement of Cannabis.


Here at the Leaf we don’t believe that sex should ever be used to sell Cannabis, but there’s nothing wrong with combining the two for consenting adults. These products are ideal for combining a little romance with the enhancement of Cannabis. We think it’s great to get freaky with weed and have prepared a short guide and products for you to try.

Cannabis and Sexuality:

Cannabis can increase connectivity and provide a relaxing euphoria, as well as physical benefits like increased blood flow, anti-inflammation, and physical relaxation and relief. Combining Cannabis in any form with a romantic scenario can enhance the fun. We support the right to be expressive, for safe sex, and for Cannabis to have its place in the world of sensuality. Whether smoking a joint before, or after, using a sensual massage oil, or trying one of these innovative new products, there’s a whole world to explore when you combine Cannabis and sex.

Enjoy, and always practice safe and respectful sex!

Cannabis Lubricants 101:

Cannabis has found its way into a variety of lubricants. Meant for external or internal use, these products open a new world of uses for Cannabis that can surprise and delight. Here are a couple tips from the companies we’ve talked to who produce the goods.

1. Read the label! Make sure you aren’t allergic to any ingredients.

2. Start lightly. You don’t know how your body is going to react to Cannabis in this form.

3. Condoms and coconut oil don’t mix. If the base ingredient is coconut oil, it can dissolve the condom and compromise its integrity.

The Empower brand has been producing quality topicals and bath salts in Oregon for years, and their 4Play is the perfect addition for anyone who has enjoyed their products. Made with coconut oil and essential oils, this oil is not edible but as it says on the box, “put it where you please.” It’s also great for more than just sex; woman can find relief from menstrual cramps with this topical as well. It also causes a light tingling and euphoric sensation on the skin, to help make the right moment even better.

Kittyo by Wicked Oil is a silicone based Cannabis infused lubricant that is completely condom safe and focused on delivering happy results. The slogan “pleasure is everything” says it all. While it isn’t recommended for edible use, this infused oil will work perfectly for any other application, and comes in a classy glass bottle that blends elegance with sensuality.

The O Intimate Lubricant is a hypoallergenic silicone based lubricant containing 140mg THC and 30mg CBD per bottle from the lauded producers at Fairwinds Manufacturing. This product was designed for sensitive or dry skin. With a long-lasting formula and a mild sensual aroma, this topical delivers the perfect mood and sensation for experimenting with Cannabis.