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January 05, 2018 | NORTHWEST LEAF

For this first-ever ‘Strains and Genetics Issue’ of the Leaf, we dove in and broke down some of our favorites, least favorites, and everything in between when it comes to cultivars, phenotypes, and all things strains and genetics.


The Leaf comes across hundreds of strains per year with plenty more submitted by growers for potential review every month. For this first-ever Strains and Genetics Issue of the Leaf, we dove in and broke down some of our favorites, least favorites, and everything in between when it comes to cultivars, phenotypes, and all things strains and genetics.  

These lists were cumulative from our entire writing staff and unsurprisingly there was fairly minimal overlap section to section. Our staff was more or less in agreement about which list these strains should be landing on, though it should be known that this was not the case in every instance.

With more than 1000 strains available and more constantly emerging, each winter growers must make the difficult decision of what genetics to grow the coming season.  The hope with these lists (and our breeder profiles) is not only to educate both our consumers and the growers, but to help bring them closer together through a better understanding of each other.


Koala, Cookies and Cream, Scooby Snacks, Banana Split, OG Pie Breath, Lotus Larry, Sonic Screwdriver, Blood Durban, Dutch Treat, Cherrygasm, Head Dawg, Astral OG, White Tahoe Cookies, True Blueberry, Tardis



Grower: Million Elephants Co.

Breeder: Unconfirmed, potentially Libra Seeds

Lineage: Cherry Pie x Tangie

Effect: This amazing strain blends two unique terpene profiles and opposite effects for a one-of-a-kind hybrid. The effects are relaxing and mood enhancing, just as one would expect when crossing a couch-locking indica such as Cherry Pie with an uplifting sativa such as Tangie. We can’t wait to see more growers get hold of this amazing strain



Grower: The Plant Farm

Breeder: Crocket Family Farms

Lineage: East Coast Sour Diesel x Tangie

Effects: The high from well-grown Sour Tangie, such as this elite sample, has strong creative and mood elevating effects. This energetic, motivating strain is perfect for making art or music, going for a hike and making household tasks a breeze. From our staff’s encounters with Sour Tangie, the strain’s best expressions come from soil-grown mediums.



Grower: Fidus Family Farms

Breeder: Exotic Genetix

Lineage: Mint Chocolate Chip x The Cube

Effects: This incredibly potent strain has an amazing minty hashy and Kush forward terpene profile — frosted all the way down to the fan leaves. This strain shows vigor in every notable category, and each phenotype exhibits different strengths and weaknesses. Just as it’s not for first-time consumers, she’s also not a great choice for first-time growers. Be prepared if you’re hunting for that perfect Black Mamba!


Blue Dream, Cookies, Tangie, Blue City Diesel, Zkittlez, Gummy Bear, Cheese, Honey Bananas, Lemon OG, Bruce Banner, Rude Boi OG



Grower: TKO Reserve

Breeder: SuperNova Gardens

Lineage: Larry OG x Grand Daddy Purple

Effects: This strain, when sun-grown like this example, has a relaxing yet creative high well suited for stress relief and killing writer’s block. The high is body forward and mentally it’s mellowing and chill with low psychoactivity, making it a good option for newer users. This strain made our Kill It list due to its nearly exclusive tendency toward being grown indoor, which produces an extremely frosty and sexy looking bud that lacks any “punch” whatsoever.


Grower: Midnight Trich Farm

Breeder: GG Strains

Lineage: Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel

Effects: GG4 is a potent, new-classic strain that exploded in popularity in 2017. It’s in most every grower’s stable and almost every dispensary. If you’re a fan, keep an eye out for Midnight Trich Farm’s flowers from-cut phenotype of the legendary Glue. This strain profiles notes of chocolate, fuel and chew-funk and provides strong effects typical of both the sativa and indica varietals.


AC/DC, Sour Tsunami, Harlse-Tsu, Cannatonic, Papaya, Pennywise, Ringo’s Gift, Stephen Hawking Kush, Pineapple Express, Blackberry Kush, Charlotte’s Webb, Kosher Tangie, Marionberry Kush



Grower: Green Dragon Gardens

Breeder: CBD Crew

Lineage: (Afghan x Skunk #1) x Cannatonic

Effect: Critical Mass is an amazing 1:1 strain, meaning it balances its THC and CBD values nearly equally. The result is a balanced high that provides amazing medicinal benefits due to its bolstered CBD content. The smell is completely unique and is a mix of overripe fermenting fruit and earthy funkiness. The strain is relaxed and focused, and makes for a great daytime smoke or is a good option for new users or those with a low tolerance.



Grower: Yerba Buena Farms

Breeder: Unknown

Lineage: Unknown

Effects: The Blue Dragon Desert Frost is a high CBD cultivar that consistently tests at around 1 percent THC, while boasting CBD content from 17 percent to nearly 20 percent. This strain provides wonderful muscle relaxation and noticeably diminishes stress and anxiety. It’s a perfect strain for first timers, due to its low THC.


Sunset Sherbet, Grand Daddy Purple, Jager, Banana Kush, Samoas, Blueberry, Northern Lights, Mango Kush, OG Kush, Cherry Kush, Grape Ape, Green Crack, Cinex



Grower: Sugartop Buddery

Breeder: Smokey Point Productions

Lineage: Proprietary/Undisclosed

Effect: Lodi Dodi is a unique hybrid, its effects can lean in an up or down direction, depending on the user’s body chemistry. Lodi has a delightful limonene and pinene forward profile, which tends to create a euphoric, uplifting high. This terpene forward strain consistently clocks in around 25 percent THC.



Grower: Gnome Grown Organics

Breeder: Unknown

Lineage: AK47 X Sour Diesel

Effect: Black Betty is a great post-workday smoke with an amazing flavor profile and the high to match. Subtle notes of fuel combine with rich, earthy, slightly fruity aromas to offer a unique smell you can revisit and get something different each time. The AK47 brings a relaxing body high and cerebral buzz, while the Sour Diesel kicks up the psychoactivity and overall potency of the strain. She is well-known as a grower’s favorite, and is parented by two hearty producers to create one of the heaviest yielders out there.


OGKB, Mimosa, Blood Wreck, The White, Cherry Pie, Golden Cobra, Jack Herer, Durban Poison, Obama Kush, Designer OG, Mendo Breath, Super Silver Haze, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, Platinum Huckleberry Cookies



Grower: Bull Run Craft Cannabis

Breeder: Lionheart Caregiving

Lineage: Most likely “rogue pollination” of Grand Daddy Purple x Silver Kush (Purple Kush x Super Silver Haze)

Effect: The cross of the heavy duty indica in Grand Daddy Purp and the caffeine-like buzzing high of the Super Silver Haze brings forth one powerful smoke best left for the afternoon, evening or days when no work needs to be done. The high is very psychoactive, great for pain and is an excellent distraction from physical and mental ailments.



Grower: Mindful Canna

Breeder: Unknown

Lineage: Nepalese Landrace

Effect: Nepalese Kush produces a deeply relaxing yet clear-headed body high. Boasting a hash-y and complex profile that may not be for new school flavor hounds, this strain is perfect for night time relaxation, or just a potent smoke for those with a high tolerance. This strain is great for pain relief, anti-anxiety and can help combat insomnia.


Jager, Berry White, Durban Poison, Strawberry Cough, Ak47, Fire OG, Sour Diesel, Trainwreck, Black Cherry Soda, Lemon Kush, Afghani, Hash Plant, Dutch Treat, Panama Red, Headband, Vietnamese Black Lambs Breath Sour Diesel



Grower: Oso Verde Farms

Breeder: Unknown

Lineage: Mass Super Skunk x Original Diesel Or ChemDawg x Mass Super Skunk/NL

Effects: The Sour Diesel has long been a sativa-lover’s favorite for its classic sour gas funk profile and its strong cerebral effects and uplifting energy. This strain stood the test of time, and has been used to create many new amazing varieties. To boot, she prefers to be grown in a greenhouse under natural light, making her availabile in Oregon in winter and spring.


Pinkleberry Kush

Grower: Green Source Gardens

Breeder: Green Source Gardens

Lineage: Blackberry Kush F5 IBL

Effects: The Pinkleberry Kush is a special plant bred in-house by Green Source Gardens. The strain’s most prevalent terpene is called terpinolene, which brings an energizing effect and a spacey, almost trippy high when consumed in quantity. Pinkleberry is great to pair with activities such as seeing a show or going out to a movie. The profile is floral with hints of berries and spice. A distinct earthiness is also present, underlying the more prominent floral and fruity notes.