October 02, 2016 | WillFerguson

A review of Toasty’s medicated chipotle cheddar crisps. Photo by Daniel Berman.



Toastymedicated chipotle cheddar crisps are one of the tastiest edibles I have ever tried on the recreational market. Using only organic and premium ingredients, Toasty’s upholds a quality standard not set by many edible vendors. There are four crisps in each bag, roughly breaking down to 3.6mg THC / 3.6mg CBD per crisp. I consumed the entire bag and felt the effects within 30 minutes. The even balance of THC and CBD creates a euphoric, yet relaxing high that is also functional. I would recommend this product to consumers who are new to edibles and those wanting a functional high and discreet way to medicate.

$12, 4 pack | PORTLANDPREMIUM.COM | Contains 14.7mg THC // 14.7mg CBD. Available @ Farma Canna Daddy’s, Bloom, Alberta Green House, Rose City Wellness.

Image courtesy of Webmaster | Leaf Nation