Mon, Feb 17, 2020

From the legendary Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan to the tip of the Pacifc Northwest on Camano Island, this earthy and aromatic strain delivers flavor and love with a sky high buzz.

Grown in a supplementally lit greenhouse by a family of Stoner Owners, this is both humble and beautiful Cannabis in a perfect representation of natural light and handheld care. Opening a jar delivers upfront lemon and ginger notes with strong flavors of salty soy sauce and candied orange peels on the finish. Like a majestic Asian inspired weed sauce with an extra helping of earthiness, this is a flavor profile worthy of the kush gods.

Lightly touching a bud leaves fingertips coated in sticky resin, hinting at the terpy-gooey deliciousness inside. Broken up and put in a bowl, the flower burns smoothly with sugary-earthy tokes that are easy on the lungs.

Effects begin with a calming and stoney buzz that kisses the cerebral cortex before dropping heavily into the body. Calming, heady, and euphoric effects make this indica a perfect treat to go sky high with.

The standout aspect of Blue Bastard’s cultivation is the greenhouse, which combines state of the art heating and cooling with the natural light from the sun, and high powered Gavita lights when the clouds make it necessary.

This combination of natural and controlled environments allows the plants to remain stable year round, and receive the full benefit of daily sunlight.

Cannabis plants naturally react to true sunlight and fresh air by producing excess terpenes, which are a natural pest resistant for the plant. Lucky for us, this means more flavor, and a plant that is happy under the sun.

As a company, Blue Bastard began in the medical Cannabis era of Washington’s pot market, owned and operated by the same family team that runs it today.

Charlene and Jason Bohbot own the farm, and both husband and wife play a major role in delivering the Cannabis to market. They also make an extra effort to hire local women for the supporting roles in the company, and stand out as a female-driven garden and brand.

Ask for this heritage company and their wonderful flower or infused joints under the Holy Smokes brand at your favorite retailer today! (20.2% THC)