Sat, Apr 4, 2020

Washington state’s seed-to-sale marijuana traceability system has been shaky, at best. Past outages of the system have cost Cannabis businesses dearly, and now a planned update of the system has resulted in costly outages once again.

The issue actually involved two separate outages, according to MJ Freeway, which provides the Leaf Data Systems software companies use to document the marijuana supply chain in Washington state.

The outages stopped hundreds of retailers, processors and producers from conducting business-to-business transactions for a period of days in mid-July, reports Marijuana Business Daily.

“People are losing their minds over what’s happening,” said Vicki Christopherson, executive director of the Washington Cannabusiness Association (WACA), before the outages were repaired. “People are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a business that they don’t have to lose.”

A survey about the outages was conducted by a nonprofit, The Cannabis Alliance, and asked Cannabis business owners to estimate what the outage cost them. Respondents’ answers ranged from $1,000 to as much as $80,000. Eight of the businesses reported losing more than $25,000 in sales.