Sun, Jul 5, 2020

Illinois in November awarded eight more Cannabis dispensaries licenses to sell recreational weed in the state starting January 1, 2020, reports the Chicago Tribune.

That brings the total number of stores licensed around the state to 22, including four in Chicago, approved to start selling marijuana to adults. Two of those licenses, however, are for stores in Naperville and Arlington Heights, which have banned recreational sales. Under Illinois law, municipalities have the right to ban sales.

Illinois has 55 medical marijuana dispensaries. All were able to apply for licenses to sell recreational Cannabis from those locations. They can also apply to open a second shop, but the state hasn’t yet started to award those second-site licenses.

Dispensaries won’t be allowed along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, the Loop or large chunks of the River North along the lakefront. Chicago’s recreational Cannabis rules created seven zones for marijuana sales, with no more than seven dispensaries allowed in each zone.