Sat, Jun 6, 2020

A new regulation started November 20 in Washington state, expanding its ban on certain vaping products, reports KUOW.

Health officials have had trouble pinning down exactly what it is about vape cartridges that’s caused hundreds of cases of severe lung disease across the nation. But the Centers for Disease Control in November found that vitamin E acetate was present in all 29 patients they reviewed.

Products containing that compound are now banned in Washington state.

“This new data shows that the vitamin E acetate is actually at the site of the injury deep in the lungs,” said Dr. Kathy Lofy, Health Officer for the state. “This does not prove that vitamin E acetate is causing lung injury, but it did strengthen the association.”

The ban that’s already in place on flavored e-cigarettes and vape carts will remain, she said. Both bans last 120 days.

An industry group, the Vapor Technology Association, has sued over the flavor ban, but hasn’t opposed the vitamin E acetate regulations.