Thu, Jul 9, 2020

“Waves of gassy cheese aromas hit my olfactory senses, triggering nostalgia anda slightly pavlovian drooling response.”

Blue Cheese Black Label by gLeaf is one of the most complex, invigorating diamond sauce profiles I have had the pleasure of dabbing in quite some time, a definite standout amongst the diamond sauces on the market.

A diamond sauce blend refers to crystallized “diamonds” of THCa, mixed with a terpene rich resin sauce, providing the highest level of potency and some of the most robust terpene profiles on the dab market.

Opening the jar is a blast from the past for me as waves of gassy cheese aromas hit my olfactory senses, triggering nostalgia and a slightly pavlovian drooling response. And with over 8% terpenes – a caryophyllene/terpinolene dominance and just a dollop of myrcene – this is truly a dab to drool over.

Maybe it’s the generally anxiolytic nature of caryophyllene, or perhaps it’s the fact that it binds to your CB2 receptors, but for many patients in Maryland, caryophyllene dominant profiles are simply the most effective for a broad spectrum of needs. Whenever we see this amazing little terpene driving the profile, we know that it will touch all of our needs and provide a very even and stable headspace to float around in.

Tempered almost in a 1:1 ratio with terpinolene, followed by over 1% of ocimene, b-pinene, and limonene, gLeaf’s Blue Cheese Black Label Sauce reveals its true complexity as a top tier product with this dazzling entourage. The ocimene really adds an element of depth to the aroma and flavor, and helps tie the cheese profile together. Additionally, such an even distribution of high terpene percentages automatically makes this one of the most flavorful extracts out there, as well as one of the rarest flavors available.