Wed, Feb 19, 2020

The quality of the Cannabis extracts used in edibles is often overlooked, especially with the abundance of products available to the recreational market.
Nelson & Co’s Carefree Caramel is infused with solventless hash rosin, as opposed to distillate and other solvent-based extracts that are commonly used to infuse large batches of edibles.

The caramel came packaged in a plastic wrapper inside of a mylar envelope. I ingested the entire piece, and was impressed with its potent and long-lasting effects.
After eating the caramel, I sat down to watch a few episodes of The Office. Just 30 minutes later and I was struggling to keep my eyes open.
Effects were incredibly sedative and tiring, as I fell asleep shortly after finishing the piece.
The consistency was rich, velvety and smooth, kind of like a chewable Werther’s Original. The sweetness of the caramel does an excellent job at masking the Cannabis flavor from the hash rosin, which makes it a great option for those who are sensitive to strong tasting edibles. I would recommend this edible for those looking for a potent and clean, yet sedative high – as the effects are long lasting.