Sat, Apr 4, 2020

With 75.14% available THC and only 1.66% total terpenes, this profile might inspire a patient to write off this dab as something not particularly special. However, I chose this shatter not for its profile, but because it is one of the rarest forms of shatter available – so much so that there is barely a classification for it.

Experienced dabbers will easily spot the differences between extracted oil products, but for those still learning the landscape, the type of dab is typically classified by the viscosity of the oil.

Simply put, a shatter is rigid and breaks apart, whereas a wax is creamier and thicker, a sugar is more crystalized, etc.

This is where Verano’s Don Corleone Kush shatter stands out, displaying the rare characteristics of what is known as a butter shatter. The fact that this shatter started to get creamier and cloudier – as opposed to forming crystals – means that the trichome heads of the Don Corleone contained an above average waxy coating.

So much so that even after it went through the normal dewaxing process, a small amount of residual waxes/lipids remained.

Not enough to be a wax or a butter, but just enough to cure into a creamy butter shatter – essentially demonstrating a rare breeding quality of the Don Corleone cultivar that bursts out of Verano’s typical production line.

Each dab was robust and echoed the balanced 1:1 ratios of the terpenes in a way that really felt true to the flavor profile of the flower itself, but instead of tasting like a faint whiff of Don Corleone (as the 1.66% would suggest), it invaded my sensory perception with the same ferocity of a 10% terpene profile.

The pronounced linalool, myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene flavors mingled together and lingered long after the exhale, much the same way a creamy hash rosin or extra terpy butter would. The right balance of components has the ability to dramatically enhance the experience of a dab and this is evidenced by Verano’s Don Corleone shatter, hereby known to be a unicorn of a find on the Maryland medical market.


review by Taylor Martin @mdcannainsider