Sun, Feb 23, 2020

Greenhouse Wellness has been able to pave the way for weed far beyond consumption.

You may have heard of Greenhouse Wellness, a powerhouse ran by two extraordinary women, here to help patients find their footing in the cathartic Cannabis industry. Conveniently located in the medical park of Howard County, and between two of the biggest metropolises on the East Coast, this dispensary is surely shifting the way people correlate Cannabis and health, no matter where they’re from. 

Many patients struggling with chronic conditions are finding that over time, traditional medications aren’t effectively treating their ailments, and are recommended by practitioners in the area to explore an alternative route. 

What better place to get started than Greenhouse Wellness? They recognize the curiosity people have in Cannabis, what it could do for their health, and how it should be available to anyone who wishes to obtain it for medical use. They are for the patient. By valuing education, product selection and honesty, they’ve been able to create a lane for normalcy everywhere. 

In addition, legalization across the nation would also provide greater opportunity to explore this magical plant through testing and research. For instance, Dr. Apgar delivered babies for a good chunk of her career, but due to the lack of proven evidence stating whether or not Cannabis impacts women during pregnancy and/or postpartum – in either a good or bad way – for now, she doesn’t recommend it at all. But there is some testing they do have control over. 

As we all know, the vaping incidents have caused many headaches for people, especially patients. So it’s always important for people to know that Greenhouse holds themselves, their processors, and growers to a higher standard when it comes to the products they produce. There aren’t any additives, harsh chemicals, or anything else that would raise any eyebrows in their vape selection and beyond. While they don’t deter anyone from any means of consumption, they believe the best way to get the full spectrum of benefits other products may miss, is by smoking flower. 

As a dispensary that promotes the use of all cannabinoids, CBD included, it’s also important to debunk the myth that hemp is not the actual Cannabis plant. It may not be the cultivar we’re used to, but with trace amounts and compounds equally as beneficial as what the dispensary carries, it’s safe to say hemp is moreso Cannabis’ healthy cousin. No matter the form or how you choose to medicate, everything they offer is high quality, safe, and affordable. 

But the women behind Greenhouse Wellness have been able to pave the way for weed far beyond consumption. Owners Gina Dubbè and Dr. Apgar’s new book “High Heals” depicts how two women from totally different backgrounds can stand as one on a cause that’s impacting health for the greater good through business, medicine, and education. For readers who want to dive in and get the full experience, they encourage using a strain that makes you feel comfortable and cozy, like Sunmed’s Lemon Meringue. If that isn’t quite your speed, don’t worry. They’ve demolished the recent shortage with over 45 tasty strains from trusted growers to choose from. It’s impossible not to find one that fits you! 

MPX – Fruity Pebbles – Live Resin Cartridge 

A new product to the Maryland Market, MPX has come out with a live resin or “sauce” cartridge. This combines a mixture of full spectrum live resin with 100% pure Cannabis distillate. Upon exhale, I immediately recognized a flavor reminiscent of taking a fresh dab of MPX sauce through a water pipe. It’s very nice to be able to get this kind of flavor through a cartridge without adding botanical terpenes into the mix. I found this to be a nice daytime product, not bogging my work day down and keeping the creative juices flowing.

THC – 13.93%
THCA – 59.81%
CBG – 1.96%
CBGA – 1.04%
Total cannabinoids: 78.44%
a-pinene : 0.48%
b-pinene: 0.361%
B-myrcene: 1.519%
Limonene: 1.587%
Ocimene: 0.178%
Terpinolene: 3.131%
B-caryophyllene: 0.457%
Total terpenes: 8.782%

Greenhouse WELLNESS
4801 Dorsey Hall Dr suite 110, Ellicott City, MD 21042

410 910 8702
MON.-Fri. 10-8
Sat.-SUN. 10-6

STORY by BRIA PRICE @briacprice | Photos by WYATT EARLY @errlywyatt/maryland leaf