Sun, Jul 12, 2020

A sweet treat to enjoy at the end of the day – or at least when critical brain activity is no longer needed

28.5% THC

The year is 2020 and the definition of fresh now includes the cut of Cannabis you bring to the party, so ring in the new Roaring 20s with a tasty and mind melting hit of the Breath Mints by Freddy’s Fuego.

Purple and frosty, Breath Mints has impeccable bag appeal with hand trimmed nuggets liberally covered in frosty trichomes. With a perfect balance of density and cure, the flowers snap easily while leaving a thick sappiness on the fingers and releasing rich aromas of minty, chocolaty cookies.

Smelling good enough to eat with heady notes of vanilla and caramel, the flowers ooze out sugary cookie flavors that will get the mouth watering at the thought of giant tokes. As the first breaths of sweet cookies kiss the lungs, the effects begin building outward from the body’s core. The warm smoke is incredibly light – with almost no expansion and zero cough – burning smooth to deliver a flavorful experience that rewards with big hits.

Effects are euphoric for both the body and mind, starting with a calming and tingly body high that develops into full chillaxed mode. The mind is swept off course within 15-20 minutes as the high settles in, slowing thoughts and reducing anxiety, while replacing most cognitive functions with a feeling of stoned and content indica bliss. Tasty and heavy, this is a sweet treat to enjoy at the end of the day – or at least when critical brain activity is no longer needed.

A tantalizing combination of Sin Mint Cookies and Mendo Breath, the Breath Mints delivers both flavor and potency in a uniquely powerful combination.

After years growing a heritage medical cut of Sin Mint Cookies, the Freddy’s Fuego team set out to add more flavor to the intense effects and began hunting for a new high. They worked through three packs of Breath Mints by Sin City Seeds over the course of months to find the perfect phenotype, searching for a combination with an extremely potent high and all the flavor of the Mendo Breath.

Their team is driven by a passion for growing unique Cannabis with love and intention. They are always popping new seeds and hunting for fresh flavors to deliver the best smokable booty to their growing fan base.

Freddy’s Fuego definitely brings the right blend of connoisseur grade fire grown with love to kick off your Roaring 20s with new experiences and good vibes.

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