Sun, Feb 23, 2020

“I teach yoga on my off days from the shop, which is really effective for MS, too.”

The Fire House
1714 S Canyon Rd, Ellensburg, WA
(509) 968-5454

Interview by MIKE RICKER @rickerdj | photo by DANIEL BERMAN @BERMANPHOTOS

You’ve been budtending for two years. How do you find the experience compared to jobs in the past?

It’s morally gratifying in a way I didn’t ever expect. It makes you want to come to work every day and allows you to be happy at work every day – which equates to having fun in what you do – and doesn’t make it feel like work.

If you had any complaints, what would they be?

Working in the customer service industry can have its challenges. I worked in the restaurant industry before and it’s kind of funny how people are weird about their weed, like they’re weird about their food. I’m medically certified, so you really have to get to know certain regulars that make emotional connections with you, which wasn’t the case in serving food. And opening up to people like that isn’t always easy.

You have been diagnosed with MS. Is that why you got medically certified?

Yes. I was never a medical patient, but I do feel like I use Cannabis medicinally and that led me to want to share with other people.

Living with MS, are you interested in finding a role that allows you to expand beyond only selling Cannabis?

Absolutely. I don’t know what that looks like completely, but I have a lot of ideas. I’m 24-years-old and like to think I have time to play with those ideas. I am going back to school to get a degree in dietetics so I can further my obsession with holistic health. Also, I teach yoga on my off days from the shop, which is really effective for MS, too.

As a budtender, do you find there are products that work better for your medical condition than others?

100 percent! CBD on its own, although I know it is used everywhere now medicinally, doesn’t do much for my symptoms caused by MS. But when combined with THC, I truly start to feel better. And with MS and having chronic pain and inflammation in the body, my joints feel large and stiff and I’m not moving the way I want to. So when I get blazed and feel better, there’s a sense of confidence that I can get through any day.

If you could get blazed with any figure in the history of mankind, who would that be?

Deep thoughts. . .
The only person that’s coming to mind is Genghis Kahn in a non-violent setting (laughs). I just travelled to the Great Wall this past summer and I’ve been listening to some crazy Chinese Mongolian EDM dubstep. So, I think I’d smoke a doob with that guy – talk about spreading love, not war.