Sun, Jul 5, 2020

For our 2nd annual Health Issue, we decided to take a break from the usual Tannins & Terpenes pairings, ditching the alcohol to instead highlight a pair of products that are formulated with wellness in mind. Remember to practice mindful self-care in the new year – there’s only one of you, and we like having you around. |

review by tom bowers @propagateconsultants | PHOTO by daniel berman @bermanphotos

Oregonic Tonic lemon honey cayenne CBD Kombucha

With the CBD craze in full swing, you can get just about anything infused with cannabidiol.

That said, few of the CBD products on the market make as much sense as kombucha, which is itself known as a wellness beverage. The folks at Oregonic Tonic infuse a small amount of CBD – produced by North Portland’s Danodan – into each bottle of CBD Kombucha. The lemon honey cayenne flavor featured a bright, acidic funk with a ginger spice at the back of the throat. And the cayenne pepper brought the heat on the back end. It worked wonders on a sore throat, providing a searing sort of relief.

Those trying to get a significant daily dose of CBD will want to supplement this with another product.

Oregonic Tonic’s CBD Kombucha contains 6mg of CBD per bottle – but in a world where you can find CBD pillowcases, that shouldn’t be too difficult.

TJ’s Craft Extracts Indica single-strain RSO

624.53mg THC/2.83mg CBD

Dubbed RSO – or Rick Simpson Oil, for the man said to have invented the process – this full extract Cannabis oil (FECO) isn’t to be taken lightly. Out of all product categories on the market, RSO packs more Cannabis goodness per gram than any other. That’s because the extraction process involves reducing all plant material into a dark, sludgy concentrate. While it can be taken recreationally, there are those who believe the healing properties of RSO to be borderline miraculous. I once connected with a woman whose husband had been debilitated by the symptoms of ALS.

After giving him some RSO, she told me with tears in her eyes, that she watched him get himself dressed for the first time in two years.

Anecdotal, sure, but powerful nonetheless. This version from TJ’s helped me get some much-needed rest while suffering from an intense winter bug, and I plan to keep it handy through the season.

If you plan to use RSO recreationally, keep a couple of things in mind. First, it doesn’t taste good, and looks even worse (like thick motor oil). Second, it will hit you in ways that dabs, flower, and distillate-based edibles won’t. The effect is downright medicinal – with heavy, drowsy, next-world euphoria, as well as the potential for intense dry mouth and increases in appetite.

Third and especially important for the uninitiated, it doesn’t take much to do the trick. Just a tiny taste.