Sun, Feb 23, 2020

Known for their unique attention to consumer safety, Trees Dispensary is a solid Cannabis shop offering all of the product variety one can hope for.

“When shopping here, you are rest assured that all options are safe to smoke with zero molds.”


5/5   Although Oregon doesn’t require mold tests, Trees goes a step above the rest when it comes to their protocol and procedure for their intake process. In doing so, all of the Cannabis you can find at their stores has been tested to meet strict microbial standards at Pixis Labs. When shopping here, you are rest assured that all options are safe to smoke with zero molds. Each cultivar has a card placed directly in front of it, indicating genetics as well as indica, sativa, and hybrid distinctions. During our visit, I scoped some Durban Poison from Ruby Farms for $4/gram, Cherry Chem by Garden First Cannabis for $5/gram, Recon from Eugreen Farms priced at $7.50/gram, and lastly Archive’s Duct Tape cultivated by DeTerra Farms, clocking in at just $10/gram. That said, there are sure to be extraordinary options for all, no matter your budget!


4/5   Parallel to the rest of their offerings, Trees does an incredible job at providing a large number of edible options, all at a price that won’t break the bank. Snickerdoodle cookies, mixed berry taffy, sea salt milk chocolate, caramel chews, and a large assortment of lollipop flavors – is your mouth watering yet? The shelves were lined with a wide amount of options from Sun God Medicinals, including their Aja, Hypnos, and Heka tinctures, designed with herbal allies for anxiety relief. Siskiyou Sun Grown’s CBD Cannabis Oil was also available for $42/gram, for those looking to medicate without the psychoactive effects.


3/5    Stored underneath a locked light box, you will find all of Trees dab-able options. As a part of their weekly Wednesday-Wednesday deals, they had Sugar Tree shatter available at only $8/gram! Additionally, you can come here to find brands like Rogue River Family Farms, Willamette Valley Alchemy, Original Extracts, CBDiscovery, and Dirty Arm Farms – just to name a few. Directly below the light box you will find all of your cartridge options. Dotcom Cannabis’ Kali Kush was currently in stock at $28 for a full gram cart, with WVA’s Black Betty Liquid Live Resin cartridge available for $36 per half gram. Anthology’s Root Beer Float is another great option for those looking to get the best quality product at an affordable price point.


5/5   Using state-of-the-art kiosk stations, Trees offers the option to pre-shop so to speak. Ranging from the following categories, Smoke It, Eat It, Drink It, and Apply It, customers can virtually scroll through their entire menu. You can find menus around the store on flat-screen TVs, as well. Their helpful staff had their fingers on the pulses of all of the latest companies and products, and were quick to answer any questions we had. With lively dispensaries sometimes being a bit overwhelming, Trees provides a relaxing shopping environment for you to easily make your decision with confidence and a clear mind. In need of a way to roll up or get lifted? Trees also has a large selection of papers, rolling trays, bongs, rigs, and dabbing accessories.


17/20   With the peace of mind and certainty of mold-free Cannabis, affordable and quality products, and an eager to help staff, I’m positive I will be making my way back to one of Trees’ locations when I am in the area next. Located directly on SE 102nd Ave, Trees has a large parking lot, further taking the stress out of shopping here.


1234 NE 102nd Ave, Portland
(503) 384-2959

7:30am-10pm Mon.-Sat. / 8:30am-10pm sunday

REVIEWED by max early @lifted_stardust | photos by daniel berman @bermanphotos

Hater Tears Extreme Cream

TOTAL 17/20

Utilizing single source greenhouse AAA flower, Dirty Arm Farm has released a recent crowd favorite, Extreme Cream. Bred by Exotic Genetix, this cultivar is a cross of Extreme OG and Cookies and Cream. The nose is super OG forward, with notes of gasoline and pine. With a perfect ratio of diamonds to terpenes, there is no need to stir it around, as each dab provides a pleasant balance between the two. The diamonds are crystal clear, accompanied by almost colorless terpenes. After taking a few dabs, my mouth was coated with a sweet and creamy marshmallow taste, followed by hints of fuel. The effects are calming and tranquil, as I felt my muscles start to loosen up after an intense workout.  $40/g, 90.05% THC, 4.25% Terpenes @Dirty.Arm.Farm

Peach Cannabis Elixir

TOTAL 15/20

With a whopping 250mg of THC packed into a one-ounce bottle, drinking this entire elixir will surely be a one-way ticket to outer space. That said, I started with the recommended dosage of one teaspoon, which equaled out to 40mg THC. The flavor was a bit strong and sharp, so I decided to mix it with some orange juice. After stirring the elixir and juice, I downed it and waited for the effects to start. About 15 minutes later, I could slowly start to notice myself becoming more and more tired, as I threw on a movie and kicked back. I found myself asleep on the couch a few hours later, indicating that this tincture was effective and did its job. I would recommend this product to anyone trying to get the most bang for their buck!  $25, 1oz
250mg THC per bottle | @SipsElixir