Sun, Feb 23, 2020

Eastwood Gardens has been a mainstay at local Portland dispensary, TreeHouse Collective. While they made their mark in the medical market, they have just recently reemerged on the scene via the recreational market. Co-owners Adam Mears and Mike Passarge thrive on gassy cultivars that keep their minds controlled, yet active, and help them perform to their highest potentials.

How did Eastwood Gardens originally begin?

Adam: I met Mike as an electrician’s apprentice through a mutual friend that he had done some electrical work for. I bought a house in 2010 and needed enough power to blow out a mini-Tuff Shed in my backyard. During that time, we found we shared the same passion for Cannabis and the game. A few years later I reached out to Mike, posing an opportunity for a medical grow. We both wanted a grow space away from our families. You don’t shit where you sleep. Plus, I was born and raised in Northeast Portland. Mike’s from Sellwood. In turn, we created Eastwood. We chose an elephant to represent our brand, because elephants are extremely loyal and never forget.

What benefits do you find Cannabis provides?

Adam: Cannabis gives me patience, and helps me to focus and prioritize. Something about a dab and a five mile run is almost meditative. I also love how it connects people. I’ve met a few lifetime friends over a joint.

Mike: It helps me focus, increases my sense of well being, and makes most activities more enjoyable.

Where do find that your main sources of inspiration come from?

Mike: My main sources of inspiration include my son, Cannabis, music, nature, and architecture.

Adam: The love of weed and the pride of my city! The idea of my brand being known when you think of Portland drives me. To see people rep Eastwood inspires me on another level. This is just the beginning.

What are your preferred methods of consuming cannabis?

Adam: A fat joint. Truly the only way to judge a strain. If the smell of the weed transfers to taste, you have a winner. Also, how the weed smells burnt is another indicator of a keeper. Can’t lie, since our collaboration with Echo, I’ve been dabbing like a maniac. Low temp live resin/rosin!

Mike: Always a good bong rip of flower, but lately I really enjoy fresh frozen rips as well.

How did you go about creating the elusive Elephant Ears?

Adam: Can’t front, it was a happy accident. In 2015 a member of the Eastwood family was removing a male Grease Monkey out of the flowering room, full of fire. He tripped and fell, creating a mushroom cloud of pollen, pollinating the entire room! Over the years we’ve popped many seeds out of the Grease Monkey massacre. We found two keepers: Elephant Ears (Dog Walker Og x Grease Monkey) and Funnel Cake (Platinum Cookies x Grease Monkey), which will be released on the recreational market in a few months.

What advice do you have for other aspiring cannapreneurs?

Adam: Create a true community around your brand. People are drawn to authenticity. We can see through that watered down fake shit. You’d better have a passion and love for the plant. I see people entering this space with the amount of money I want to leave with. This is a culture beyond spreadsheets and ROIs.

Mike: Make sure it’s your passion and get ready for a beating, both physically and mentally, because this industry is twisted. If it’s what you truly want to do, then just do it! However, if it’s because you think it’s easy money, trust me, there are easier ways to make money.

What can we expect to see from Eastwood Gardens in 2020?

Adam: Over the next year we are looking to expand our brand and offer more products. We have our solventless micro-processing endorsement, and we are in the process of building out our hash room. Also, we are teaming up with a few breeders to keep bringing that exclusive heat. But we are still waiting on a Tier 1! We’ve had keys in hand since June 2017, but between the city and OLCC, it has been a nightmare. The process is what allows all these “Chads” to get a head start. They have corporation money or Daddy’s money to get it done, leaving the OGs to have to grind it out. I don’t trip though. It’s all motivation.

interview by max early @lifted_stardust | photo by DANIEL BERMAN @BERMANPHOTOS

Instagram: eastwood_gardens_pdx