Sat, Aug 8, 2020

Harvest has made a powerhouse reputation for itself by producing some of the highest quality and most affordable Cannabis on the market, as well as being one of the biggest players in our blooming new industry.

Hancock is home to one of the cleanest and most efficient grows in the state, Harvest. There is no doubt that their well-earned reputation was born from their quietly passionate cultivation manager, Kurt Dyer and the hyper-efficient plant production model he brought to the company, not to mention the strategic partnerships and initiatives they’ve designed to support the local community.

Harvest have done everything they can to embody their mission statement – “Improving Lives Through Cannabis” – by producing affordable, consistent, quality medicine, while also providing local jobs with great benefits, partnering with their local community, and sponsoring several nonprofit initiatives. 

But let’s start with their facility. Tucked away in rural Hancock, down a back road and behind a large barbed wire fence perimeter, is a common enough looking warehouse that could be home to any number of industrious activities.

As we pull our car through the security checkpoint, the full scope of the warehouse is revealed: a massive 100,000 square foot building. While they haven’t finished filling out the full space, as their reputation and our market continues to grow, they are surely set up to expand to meet whatever needs Maryland medical patients may have. 

We were greeted by the Harvest team and given full-body sterile suits, and wiped our shoes on cleaning pads at every door we went through. Most grows have similar sterile practices to prevent spreading pollen or contaminates into flowering rooms, however, Harvest went above and beyond to ensure that every door, room, and walkway was kept pristine and sterile, both by maintenance of the facility itself and the day-to-day habits of employees. As Kurt walked us down a hallway, I commented on his cleanliness and he was quietly appreciative and commented that he really has his patients’ needs at heart. We all want clean medicine, but Kurt really makes sure to maximize the sterility of his operation, specifically with the most fragile among us in mind.

Kurt Dyer is an interesting Cannabis grower in that he did not get his start in growing Cannabis until he was hired by Harvest straight out of college. He is a horticulturist who got involved in some of his university’s medical Cannabis networking events, where his expertise and passion for high quality plants was noticed by the Harvest execs. He was recruited by Harvest over two-and-a-half years ago when they were first getting their start in Maryland, and he has been refining his method and process ever since. 

Again, his emphasis is on ensuring that the highest quality standards are upheld – not just for regulations and not just for the vast majority of us that deal with chronic pain or mental health issues – but for those that are so ill even a small amount of mold or pesticide could make them sick or kill them.

First up was our stop in the clone room, which was a standard size with all of Harvest’s 30 strains in trays on racks, pleasantly starting their lives. The clones were very healthy and I noticed a thicker stem on them, which indicates cuttings are taken from relatively more mature plant nodes, increasing the viability of the clones. 

Next we were led into the vegetation room which was honestly shocking. It is always exciting to walk into oceans of healthy growth, and believe you me, this was an ocean. Down the room was long table after long table filled with various cultivars at various stages of vegetation – almost an assembly line of Cannabis growth stages.

I paused as I was inspecting the plants to wonder why we skipped the mom room. I always love to look at moms and compare how their respective cuttings grow strain to strain. Almost as soon as I had the thought, I turned to the end of the room and saw some significantly larger plants in a darker corner of the room, and then realized they effectively created a hybrid veg/mom room on a massive scale. I was actually super excited by this variation on a grow because it allowed me to compare mother plants with their juvenile clones in the same room,

Both flower rooms were as large as the veg room, and I cannot express to you the joy that is the symphony of smells. Here I saw every cultivar in full flower, just before harvest, where the breadth of color and smell really showcases Harvest’s cultivation varieties. Cinderella 99, a back cross of Jack Herer, was a true standout.

The live plants exceeded my expectations and I could almost feel the energetic headspace of Cindy 99 from the aroma wafting around their tables.

All in all, Harvest has set themselves up to be one of the biggest producers of Maryland medical Cannabis, but they have made it a priority to give back and grow their local community along with their company. One really unique initiative that they’ve done was to partner with the town of Hancock itself – offering them 5% equity in the company – which makes sure that the local township benefits with the growth of the company itself. Harvest has set out to be not just one of the best Cannabis businesses, but one of the best businesses in general, period. They have donated over $600,000 to organizations like the American Cancer Society, Bosom Buddies, and Ryan House which specializes in addressing many of the medical Cannabis core communities like cancer, PTSD, and seizure disorders. 

Harvest is definitely committed to providing the most social good with their profits as possible, setting a great example of how the Cannabis industry can pave a path for patients over profits. Thanks so much to the Harvest team and Kurt Dyer for producing some high quality medicine for Maryland patients, and for taking the time to make a difference – not just in the lives
of patients – but in the community as well.


The live plants exceeded my expectations and I could almost feel the energetic headspace of Cindy 99 from the aroma wafting around their tables.