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When you first walk into Fidus, a couple of things stand out right away. First off, it’s definitely got a vibe. The sleek design, striking art on the walls, and the minimalist merchandising deliver the message that this place is managed with care. The second thing you notice is that the shop isn’t huge. Whereas some shops feel like an Apple store or a Plaid Pantry, going to Fidus is more like shopping for weed in the living room of your friend’s high-end apartment.

“Our main focus as a business is to cultivate, curate, preserve and progress brand new genetics – proprietary genetics – that are unique to not only our company, but Oregon as a platform.” -Co-Founder Tyler Hewitt

In this case, that high-end apartment belongs to Tyler Hewitt and John Monteleone III, two steadfast strain hunters who see it as a personal mission to hunt out and breed the best genetics, cultivate them at their tier two indoor grow in North Portland – Fidus Family Farms – and sell them via the Fidus shop in Multnomah Village.

”We knew we had to build a place like this in order to fully be able to capture the experience that we want for the consumer, and in order to educate the consumer how we want,” said Hewitt, who runs the retail arm of the business.

The shop always stocks a selection of its own genetics, and all of the products Fidus carries are made only from material they grow. That means that the truffles from Crop Circle Chocolates and the concentrates from Natural Gas Extracts all come from Fidus flower.

You won’t find any Cannabis product available at Fidus that they didn’t have a hand in growing.

“Our main focus as a business is to cultivate, curate, preserve and progress brand new genetics – proprietary genetics – that are unique to not only our company, but Oregon as a platform,” Hewitt said.

“We feel that a lot of the hype stuff still comes from California and other parts of the black market, and it’s a shame that a leading marketplace like Oregon, that’s had some of the best if not the best Cannabis in the world on the medical side of things, has now been degraded to this mids-y, boof-ville type of stigma that we have now. I feel that’s why we rose to offer what we call connoisseur-grade Cannabis.”

Talking with Hewitt about the strains on Fidus’ shelf is an experience I recommend to anyone who wants to see what passion for Cannabis looks like.

If you want to see his face light up, ask him about the phenomenal Shiatsu Kush, a Himalayan indica strain that ended up in Japan, where it was isolated and inbred for many years, developing what Hewitt calls a “fancy defense mechanism” – it’s abnormally high in Ocimene, a terpene that is antifungal and antimicrobial, making it an extremely friendly strain to cultivate in difficult, damp climates.

Customers can also ask for a run-down on the terpenes and cannabinoids found in each strain. Fidus has resources printed on the counter to assist consumers in making their selections. And Hewitt is more than happy to take people to school.

The dudes at Fidus are so into unique genetics that Hewitt is almost apologetic when discussing the more classic, well-known strains they keep on hand like Ghost OG, Sour Cookies, and the ubiquitous GG.

“We have those really as heirloom building blocks, as those cornerstone pieces that if we want to outcross or backcross or something like that, then we can do that,” he said. “We’re focused on preserving and progressing genetics more than anything. That being said, we’ve been hunting different landrace genetics for years now. We’ve been working into heirloom crosses.”

In the big picture, Fidus hopes to establish itself as a brand synonymous with high-quality, rare genetics.

They want to control the means of production so they never have to compromise on quality. If all goes well, they see Fidus having boutique stores in high-end shopping sectors in places like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Prada, Gucci, Fidus. After talking with Hewitt, I can see it.

REVIEWED by tom bowers @propagateconsultants  | PHOTOS by DANIEL BERMAN @BERMANPHOTOS

O.M.G. (T’S PHENO) | Fidus

CURE 5/5
TOTAL 29/30

THIS unbelievably frosty aromatic, myrcene-dominant strain is laden with bright orange hairs against a backdrop of dark green. Smooth and easy, it offered mellow, slightly spacey effects without hindering the ability to function socially. This is one of those phenotypes that proves that high THC numbers have very little to do with an effective, pleasurable experience. $15/g rec $12.50/g med, 18.78% THC

Dark Chocolate Yuzu Fruit Truffle

TOTAL 18/20

CROP CIRCLE CHOCOLATE has made a name for itself with its quality-crafted truffles, and their collaboration with Fidus’ The Glue strain is no exception. These dark chocolate truffles feature a snappy shell and a rich, luscious interior. Half of one of these kief concentrate infused truffles sets a perfect stage for an evening out, with mostly energized, positive effects – and very little of the heady sleepiness that can accompany edibles. Highly recommended! $20 rec, $16.67 med (two-pack)25mg THC per truffle | @CropCircle.Chocolate

7501 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland
(503) 889-0682 | 10am-7:55pm daily
instagram @fidus_pdx

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