Sat, Jun 6, 2020

King Street Cannabis is one of Anchorage’s newest retail stores to open their doors. With a heavy focus on providing products that are curated organically in live soil, you can expect to find high quality bud at this store every single visit.

Environment & Vibe

I love what they have done with the space. The retail store is pleasantly decorated and has that Alaskan DIY appeal. The countertop with LEDs in the astronomically correct location of stars blew my mind. The attention to detail for a project like that is off the charts. Add the aesthetic in with the knowledgeable staff, and you have built a winner.


With the recent ongoings in the industry, it is always nice to see someone approaching a retail shop with a pure organic mindset. Every strain of flower in the store is grown in live soil, organically from cultivators around the state. Cultivators such as Top Hat, Green Star, Smokin’ Joe’s, and Tundra Jane have plenty of flower available in the store, and the selection is more than worth checking out! In terms of concentrates, the guys at King Street have the same approach as they do to their flower – a varied selection is available in store and well worth some new year perusing!


With the addition of a garden coming in the future, King Street Cannabis is just now getting their feet on the ground with the recreational market. They are appealing to a crowd that I believe is underserved here in Alaska – an added emphasis on live soil products. Definitely head on over and check them out, as I have a feeling they will be around for a long time.


I was only able to have an in-depth conversation with the budtender on duty during the time of my visit, but had an incredibly engaging conversation about the industry here in Alaska. Very knowledgeable about the products that they had in store, the methods of growing, and processes involved with manufacturing – this gentleman had on point answers for every question I threw his way. Fantastic knowledge and service at this store!

REVIEW by Joshua Stahle / alaska leaf  | PHOTOS by BOOM MEDIA

Every strain of flower in the store is grown in live soil, organically, and comes from cultivators around the state.

Budtender Keon Dunn, Founder/Co-Owner Benjamin English, and Co-Owner Nicholas Gelinas

8430 Laviento Dr.,  Anchorage, ALASKA
(907) 522-5464
open 9am-10pm daily