Wed, Feb 19, 2020

There are many paths one can take on the road to wellness, but for Lily Sensimillia, the journey has illuminated a world of natural options. From her history of negative experiences with pharmaceuticals to her side effect free use of Cannabis, she now puts her personal experiences to work providing plant-based relief to those in need.

Can you tell me about your background using Cannabis as medicine? What symptoms are you treating?
I was officially diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2018 and have struggled with numerous health issues since childhood. I started to use Cannabis to help with my lack of appetite and to keep my weight in a healthy range. I also use it to help with sleep. When my thyroid levels were at their highest, I had terrible insomnia, night terrors, was screaming in my sleep, and drenching my bed in sweat. Cannabis helped keep me asleep for the majority of the night, otherwise I’d be awake all night. It also helps with my anxiety – with an overactive thyroid comes a “wired but tired” sense of feeling, like you’ve been sprinting for hours. Cannabis calms me down and I have given up caffeine for this reason as well.

How long have you been using Cannabis medicinally? Recreationally?
Eight years total, medicinally about three.

How did you find out that Cannabis was medicinally beneficial to you?
I have had negative experiences with pharmaceutical medicine. Prescription pills gave me seizures, and the medication I tried for my thyroid made me faint on multiple occasions – reminding me of my past experience. Cannabis has not given me any negative side effects and is effective in what I need it for.

Can you tell me more about your business?
Did you create it with Cannabis medicine in mind?
I have two! My partner invented the Silipuff – a silicone joint holder that doesn’t transfer heat – allowing the user to smoke their pre-roll all the way down. It’s easy to clean, doesn’t harbor bacteria like wood, and it’s unbreakable unlike glass!

I also started My Happy Yoni. Yoni is Sanskrit for sacred place, so our mission is to tackle period poverty and end period stigma.

Periods are keeping girls out of schools because of the stigma, shame, and lack of access to products. Our purpose is to give back to those in need and to provide a healthy alternative to commercial products for others.

And I realized how difficult it was to find quality CBD products at an affordable cost.

I use Cannabis to help with my menstrual cramps – I go from sweating in pain and unable to move from the bed, but once I smoke a bowl, I’ll be running around on the beach with my dog.

I was finding period boxes that only provided junk food, tampons (which are unsafe on multiple aspects), and ibuprofen – which never helped me.

I wanted something that provided products that are both safe and effective. The menstrual box consists of an optional menstrual cup, a CBD rub, CBD tincture, and CBD gummies.

With every purchase we donate to nonprofit organizations that raise awareness, educate, and give back period products to those in need globally!

Which method of delivery/products provide the most relief?
A joint always does the trick. I also do love Cannabis rubs and oils. Those are great for when you are sore from a workout. I like using both CBD and THC!

Has your treatment changed since the medical shops have been replaced by the recreational shops?
Not entirely.

I moved from Wisconsin, a very illegal state, to California at the end of 2017 – before it went recreational. So I didn’t really experience the only medical aspect for that long. I was just amazed by the fact you could get Cannabis delivered to your home. However, I did have my medical card ready before moving and it was nice even while it was recreational, because it helped a little bit with the cost of taxes! The tax is ridiculous because it is considered medicine to many and some need a larger quantity, which can be difficult to afford. When prescription pills are covered by insurance and Cannabis is taxed so much, it seems a bit odd.


Interview & Photos by Danielle Halle @sweet.deezy

“I love to cook and do so with Cannabis regularly – including everything from lattes to bison burgers infused with CBD and THC.”  Jeremy Felton – Maryland Leaf Budtender of the Month

Co-Founder | My Happy Yoni & Silipuff