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Bee Well CBD along with Bee Balanced therapies are two separate companies that are operating cohesively in Maryland. These brands were built on the personal experiences of Steve Bumbry, his wife and founding partner in Bee Balanced Therapies, Janice Ingson Bumbry, and his co-founder, Molly Walden. Together, the trio is providing a wellness-based platform for individuals to overcome their realities of pain, stress, anxiety, depression and disease.

Tell us how you got to where you are today?

I played baseball in college and for the Baltimore Orioles in the minor leagues, during which I was hurt for all seven years. So I had injuries where I had missed time, and baseball ended for me a lot sooner than I anticipated. Baseball is played year round, and you are using your body to the maximum of its ability. In 2014, I had a concussion.

Before that in 2013, I herniated a disk in my lower back, and in 2011 I was playing with a broken hand the whole season, finally having surgery at the end of the season. In 2010 I had a torn oblique, and 2009 – the year I was coming out of college – I had a torn groin that was slow to heal. My goal was to get drafted, and playing through the injuries got me there. Once baseball ended, I had another goal of working with my doctors to take care of myself in a different way. I wanted to have a family and be sustainable and healthy in my 40s and 50s. This led me down the path of wellness and exploring the healthiest options available.


Yoga, meditation, and massage were things I was doing on my own in the home, and it started to make a big difference on how tension in my body felt. I realized I wanted to share this with people and asked myself – how do I become legitimate? I took yoga teacher training and started a massage therapy school, becoming certified in both of those so I could work with people directly using natural, non-invasive things. This helps people to be well and be balanced.

The “bee” part of the name is significant because of my father’s long career with the Orioles. His nickname was “The Bee,” so I’m carrying on his legacy into the wellness world with these products.

Tell us about some of your products…

Two years ago when we got started, we asked ourselves what the most acceptable and effective consumption methods would be for consumers. We came up with capsules, tinctures and topicals, and through extensive research started working on water soluble products. Concentration obviously affects absorption and how well you feel the medicine, so we go for high doses in small packages. Our tinctures are 50mg per milliliter. We have a 10ml tincture bottle with 500mg CBD and a 30ml bottle with 1,500mg CBD. There is a daytime and nighttime tincture, both with terpene profiles that reflect it. We list certificates of analysis on our website for anyone who is interested in seeing lab testing.

Where do you source the hemp?

For the last two years, we have been bringing our products over from our production facilities in Colorado and Oregon. Holding our products to the highest standard is the only option, and all of our products have been researched and tested. We have a relationship in place with a hemp farm here in Howard County that will hopefully be producing our hemp and hemp oil locally starting in 2020.

Can you talk about some other things you are doing in the community?

We do our best to try and raise as much money as we can for two charities in particular. The National MS Society is one of them – both my sister and brother have MS (Multiple Sclerosis), so it is very close to our hearts. We do yoga classes where a portion of our proceeds each year will go to either the National MS Society or HOLA (Helping Orphans Latin America). HOLA is actually based out of Virginia Beach, but their service work is in Nicaragua.

The operator of the organization is a good friend of mine from college, whose parents sent him on a mission trip to Nicaragua after misbehaving as a kid.

That trip changed his life forever and he fell in love with the people there, wanting to make a contribution. He has been back and forth from Nicaragua for the past 20 years, and we’re working on building a learning center for underprivileged kids. My role is to develop a wellness and sports program, as well as helping to build a sports facility for them.

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“Holding our products to the highest standard is the only option, and all of our products have been researched and tested.”

Bee Balanced Therapies cofounding partner Janice Ingson Bumbry with her husband, Steve Bumbry.

Bee Well CBD

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