Sat, Apr 4, 2020

Dank Czar continues to push the envelope of deliciousness with their new lineup of cartridges featuring strain specific fire blends of rosin and high terpene extract.

75.66% thc

72.12% THC
0.33% CBD

Normally when we review a concentrate we pick just one product, but these two cartridges are so unique and tasty that we had to share our experiences with both. Let’s start with the rosin pen – this writer’s favorite cartridge on the 502 market right now.

Solventless Cannabis is gaining momentum around the country as consumers discover the amazing flavors that come from the simple combination of heat, pressure and dank Cannabis. The rosin cartridges taste exactly like a fresh squish of flower in vapor form, especially when hit on a lower temperature setting.

Ripping into the Wedding Cake delivers a sour funky inhale from the potent cross of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. Exhales smell like a toke of flower, with sour cookies and earthy fuel, plus a tease of piney kush.

This is definitely a sedative strain, with mind melting and body numbing effects that lean heavily on the indica side.

The Lemon Chem caviar cartridge has a sugary inhale of bright lemon peels, with a sour funky chem finish of earthy fuel notes.

The caviar cartridges are made using high terpene extract or terp sauce, which delivers massive flavor and strain specific effects not usually found when vaping cartridges.

The terps deliver euphoric and energetic effects that start quickly in the mind, before settling into the body for a glowing sativa high that is perfect for any time of day.

Another unique part of the Dank Czar offerings is their new battery. Compact and chargeable with a normal mini-USB plug, they are convenient and don’t look like a vapor product. They are also variable temperature with a simple high-low switch on the bottom. The low setting is perfect for tasting terps, while the high setting delivers satisfying hits without cooking off any flavor. This is a battery that was designed by people who love tasting concentrates, and it shows in the vaping experience.

Like everything on the menu at Dank Czar from flower to concentrates, the quality of flavor and high comes first, which is why they are leaders in top shelf Cannabis products.

Dank Czar available from Cascade Kropz, Always Greener stores & around Spokane. |@dankczar_washington


review by wes abney @beardedlorax | photo by DANIEL BERMAN @BERMANPHOTOS

The Lemon Chem caviar cartridge has a sugary inhale of bright lemon peels, with a sour funky chem finish of earthy fuel notes.