Tue, Apr 7, 2020

“I love the combination of fruit and floral that offers a delicate balance of two distinctive scent profiles.”

22.5% thc
1.19% cbg
.77% cbc
.12% cbn
.7 Myrcene
.3 Pinene
.2 Ocimene
.17 Limonene
.12 Caryophyllene

Airborne Skunk is a wonderful cultivar bred from the highly stable and rigorous Skunk #1 and the aromatic and flavorful Airborne G13. The Skunk #1 genetics have long been a breeding standard in the Cannabis industry, as the cultivar is renowned for its vigor and viability.

Breeders build new lines off the stability provided by the Skunk #1, and when combined with the Airborne G13, you get a vigorous producing plant that captures its unique aroma profile.

Its relatively low terpene concentration captures the subtle blend of tropical citrus, mellow sage and lavender scents that truly make this strain a rare olfactory delight. In spite of the Skunk #1’s reputation for a specific kind of funky smell, no hint of the traditional skunk scent reached this line – a testament to the quality of breeding being done with this variety. I love the combination of fruit and floral that offers a delicate balance of two distinctive scent profiles, harmonizing smoothly with each deep inhalation.

With 22.5% THCa, this cultivar is slightly above average for potency, or so it would seem at first glance. Moving down the profile we can see a 1.19% CBGa and a whopping .77% CBCa, which in fact makes this a far above average chemovar!

What is relatively new, definitely rare, and only just starting to be understood is cannabichromene (CBC). There is so much new research coming out on this molecule.

What I find particularly interesting about CBC is that it has a very low affinity for CB1 receptors, leading researchers to believe it’s non-impairing, unlike its sister THC. Rather, it binds to our TRPV1 and TRPA1 receptors – long understood to be instrumental in our natural pain relieving processes. These receptors trigger the release of our natural endocannabinoid, anandamide – often referred to as the bliss molecule.

Evermore’s Airborne Skunk has the highest concentration of CBCa I have seen yet on the Maryland market, and I highly encourage everyone to try a puff and see how this cannabinoid synergizes with you.

A big thanks to Evermore Cannabis Company for providing rare and high quality Cannabis profiles to the medical marketplace!