Tue, Apr 7, 2020

“Moments after taking a dab I noticed my mood was elevated and my senses were amplified.”

EXTRACTED by bee hive extracts
CULTIVATED by pacific grove

TOTAL 18/20

Amalgamation is a delicious blend of eight different strains grown by Pacific Grove. With Monkey Bread, Frozen Margy, Pure Essential, Ice Cream Man, Grape Octane, Legendary Cookies, and Flavor Crystals making up this terpene rich extraction mix, the budder is neon yellow in color and boasts a complex mix of fruity, earthy and funky flavors.

It’s tough to discern specific flavors on the nose, however it seemed to lean slightly more towards the Legendary Orange Apricots lineage from the Legendary Cookies. The cake frosting like consistency made it rather easy to portion out each dab to the desired size, a welcome treat given most terpene rich sauces are a challenge to keep on the dabber because of their lack of viscosity.

I took a few dabs with a friend before grabbing some food and we loved the complex mix of fruity, floral and earthy flavors, as the different terpene profiles from the strain mix are well represented.

For me, the effects hit rather cerebrally. Moments after taking a dab I noticed my mood was elevated and my senses were amplified.

This extract is abnormally high in a terpene called trans farnesene, which has a plethora of benefits such as antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This terpene has also been known to combat anxiety, and is known to be an antispasmodic – which is great for muscle spasms.

79.54% THC
1.23% CBD | 6.34% trans farnesene
2.16% beta caryophyllene
1.96% beta myrcene


review by WILL FERGUSON/OREGON LEAF | photo by Daniel Berman @bermanphotos