Sun, Jul 5, 2020

The staff here is quick to let you know they are all about their edibles.


CannaVida does an incredible job of offering a large amount of diversity when it comes to their flower selection, with options hitting all price points. As you walk around the shop, you can experience beautiful islands flowing from their sativa to indica options, making their way into hybrids and CBD strains. Each cultivar is placed in a small plastic container for your smelling and viewing pleasure. With their evolved platform, CannaVida can keep flower extremely fresh and ensure their standards of cleanliness by pre-packing individual amounts. Gnome Grown, Urban Canna, Highland Provisions, and Resin Ranchers were just a few of the incredible choices that were available during our visit.


Calling all edible lovers, look no further! The staff here is quick to let you know that they are all about their edibles. How can you blame them though? Directly next to the cartridges, you will find a case dedicated to their all-mighty snack selection. Elbe’s Cake Balls, Laurie and MaryJane’s Cheese Crisps, Tasty’s Cookies, Leif Goods chocolate bars – is your mouth watering yet? Want the perfect cottonmouth cure? Grab one of Magic Number’s mandarin lime sodas or Legal’s sparkling pomegranate juices. For those looking for a more medicinally beneficial option, swing by their wellness case to scope out full spectrum options from brands like OM Extracts, Peak Extracts and Siskiyou Sungrown.


As any concentrate connoisseur could only hope, CannaVida thankfully keeps all of their dabbable products stored away in a fridge. Amongst the shelves I found Altered Alchemy’s live resin available for as low as $13/g, and Happy Cabbage’s six-star aficionado hash rosin clocking in at $72/g. Additionally, there were a ton of amazing flavors from White Label Extracts, NW Kind and Flapjax Extracts. In a separate display case, the racks were lined with a wide variety of vape cartridges, including Bobsled Extracts, Select and Artifact Extracts.


Upon opening the doors, you are met with a friendly and eager to help staff that’s filled with insight and suggestions. Alternatively, CannaVida offers tablets where you can browse their full menu, then pick, pack and create a cart. Can’t remember that fire hash you smoked last month? Create an account and track your purchases to see what you have previously enjoyed! This shop is very easy on the eyes with an extremely user-friendly system. With their waiting area including a few comfy couches and complimentary tea, you are made to feel right at home. Incredible photographs from Steve Hubbard can be found along the walls, with Rad Glass scattered throughout the store!


With oversight for high-quality standards, outstanding product selection, and an amazing overall layout, it’s safe to say we will be stopping by to load up on goodies the next time our team is passing through. Stop by soon and see for yourself!


Wyld | 1:1 Pomegranate Gummies

TOTAL 19/20

Based in Bend, Wyld has a wide range of products including gummies, chocolates, and more recently CBD sparkling water. These flavorful delights are crafted using all-natural, real fruit. Containing 10 individual 1:1 THC:CBD hybrid infused pomegranate gummies, Wyld has created an excellent choice for someone looking to microdose. Given a larger tolerance than most, I ingested six gummies at the end of a long day. After about 30 minutes, I felt a strong sense of relaxation start unfolding from my head down to the rest of my body. With 5mg of THC and 5mg CBD per gummie, this is a great way to destress and take a load off while enjoying a tasty treat!

$22, 10-pack |

Retail Manager Angela Peeler and Owner Jacob Jenkins

Highland Provisions | Pre ‘98 Bubba Kush Kief Infused Prerolls

TOTAL 19/20

Parallel to Highland Provisions’ other offerings, this set of three kief-infused prerolls is neatly tucked away into a handy and reusable blue tin. To enhance the overall experience, strain specific kief is reintroduced to top quality flower, providing a stronger and heavier hitting effect. While smoking a joint to myself, I experienced an extremely smooth smoke with a large amount of resin making its way down the paper. This representation of Pre ’98 Bubba Kush offered a strong sedative property, making it ideal for anyone who suffers from anxiety or insomnia.  $22, 3-pk | 130.1mg THC/preroll

CANNAVIDA // 325 NE Franklin Ave, Bend
(541) 797-7985 | open until 9pm daily

REVIEW by max early @lifted_stardust | photos by daniel berman @bermanphotos