Tue, Apr 7, 2020

MPX is bringing the fire once again with their 96.37% THCa Chernobyl diamonds, steeped in their own succulent Chernobyl terp sauce! While some will make the argument that mixing and matching diamonds and sauce combinations between cultivars is fun, I am a firm believer that leaving the diamonds in their original sauce is the best way to experience your favorite crystalized good-good. There is something about having a diamond cure in its original terp sauce that elevates the experience, highlighting the subtleties of the high in powerful and mysterious ways.

The power of this extract is of course fueled by the colossal 96% THCa concentration. But the mystery comes into play with the terp sauce profile, where I noticed about a 50% THCa concentration – with almost 5% CBGa and 1.5% CBN. I had never tried a cannabinoid profile that has a CBGa and CBN temper, so I recognized this as a personal opportunity to explore how my biochemistry reacts to a new and mysterious cannabinoid profile.

The 14.95% terpene concentration was enticing and promised a very flavorful dab. The dominant terpene of the Chernobyl profile is terpinolene (5.76%), which is my personal favorite and offered a familiar space for me to conduct my experiment in. The profile’s temper is very balanced, with a close to even ratio between limonene, myrcene, caryophyllene and pinene.

I scooped up a large crystal dripping in golden sauce, dropped it into my banger and inhaled deeply as the full melt danced and vaporized into the rig.

I was instantly and substantially medicated with pain relief that felt like a full-body melting of my joint inflammation. I wasn’t cloudy or drowsy, fully able to maintain my focus and energy.

The high was absolutely gorgeous, full of the specific kind of energy that only terpinolene dominant profiles can provide. What did surprise me was the fact that my symptom relief was dramatically increased.

Yes, the headspace of the high was familiar to me – suggesting that this cannabinoid profile doesn’t influence my headspace in a general sense – but rather it extended the amount of pain relief long after I came down from the high. This is an amazing thing to learn because it suggests that perhaps similar cannabinoid profiles can give me extended relief beyond my high, which will definitely be a new tool in the proverbial toolbelt.

Overall, the MPX line of diamonds never fails to offer their highest potency in their original sauces – for the most elevated diamond dabbing experience on the market.

“I was instantly and substantially medicated with pain relief that felt like a full-body melting of my joint inflammation.”

96.37% thca
1.2% terpenes
.6% terpinolene
.4% ocimene

Terp Sauce
49.67% thca
4.7% cbga
1.5% cbn
14.95% total terps
5.76% terpinolene
1.64% limonene
1.33% myrcene
1.03% caryophyll.
.8% a pinene
.6% b pinene
.5% ocimene
.325 humulene

review by taylor martin @mdcannainsider | photo by wyatt early @errlywyatt