Sun, Jul 5, 2020

With a large and open storefront, you can breathe easy and do not have the pressure of those waiting directly behind you like other shops.


Truth Dispensary truly goes above and beyond, carrying a wide variety of the industry’s latest indoor cultivated strains. Their staff was quick to show me their current favorites, including Evans Creek’s Wedding Cake ( Triangle Kush x Animal Mints ), Eugreen’s Sundae Driver (FPOG x Grape Pie), and Archive’s Duct Tape ( GG#4 x Do-Si-Dos ). While checking out Focus North’s Colorado Sunshine, Dutch Valley Farm’s Garlic Mints and Eastwood Garden’s Elephant Ears, my eyes popped wide open – leaving me almost in disbelief of what I was seeing, as each option appeared as fire as the next! For those looking for the best price to quality ratio, don’t fret, as Truth has grams starting at just five dollars!


Lunchbox’s Squibs, Elbe’s Cold Brew Hard Candies, Gron’s Pearls, and Wyld’s White Chocolates are just a few of the delicious options for those out there who prefer the sweeter side of things. Looking for something a little bit more medicinally beneficial? They’ve got you covered with Siskiyou Sungrown’s 1:1 FECO coming in at $48/gram. With options lining the wall and display cases highlighting each edible, Truth Dispensary makes for a very user-friendly experience.


Come one, come all. If dabs are the thing that calls your name, then Truth is the place for you! Starting at $12/gram for Emerald’s Purple Loop Kush, and making its way up to $90/gram for Happy Cabbage’s Ice Cream 90u six star hash rosin, there are sure be options for everyone. Neatly displayed in their shatter bar you will find a great selection of hydrocarbon options, including NW Kind’s Hidden Pastry for $20/gram, Buddies’ Dawg Walker Cookies for $25/gram, and White Label’s Animism #6 live resin for $40/gram – all looking extremely appealing to me, especially at those prices! Locked away in a refrigerator to ensure maximum freshness, you will find their higher end concentrates like Echo, Bo’s Nose Knows, Archive and Happy Cabbage products. Last and certainly not least, there is one more display case containing all of the cartridge options, where Green Dragon’s Critical Mass full spectrum CO2 and Portland Extract’s Tropicana Cookies rosin cart are both standouts.


You can’t speak about Truth without mentioning their welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, accompanied by their eager to help staff! With a large and open storefront, you can breathe easy and do not have the pressure of those waiting directly behind you like other shops. Looking to scoop a new heady rig? Come here to find the incredible work of glass artists such as @freeekglass, @brent503, and @fatboyglass! Got the munchies? Check out their snack machine to satisfy all of your cravings.


It comes as no surprise that Truth Dispensary has been a crowd favorite shop for quite some time in Salem. Check out their daily specials like Munchie Monday, Top Shelf Tuesday, Wax Wednesday, Topical and Tincture Thursday, Fire Friday (15% off top shelf flower), Shatterday Saturday, and Solventless/Joint Sunday! Whether you are in the area or on your way to/from Portland, Truth is a great place to stop, refuel and get your stash stocked with all the latest gas!


Focus North | Tropicana Cookies

CURE 5/5
TOTAL 29/30

BRED BY ONI SEEDS and cultivated by Focus North, Tropicana Cookies (GSC x Tangie) has caught the attention of many, and for good reason! The smell is extremely floral and reminiscent of a fresh-squeezed glass of orange juice. Each bud is caked to the brim with trichomes, accompanied by dark purple leaves and rich orange pistils, creating an astonishingly beautiful contrast of colors. After smoking a few bowls, my mouth is coated with a strong citrus flavor – the identical flavor that filled my nose. This cultivar makes for a perfect wake and bake, giving you just the right amount of energy to get your day started on the right track, without getting sent over the edge.

$15/g, 20.13% THC

Eugreen Farms | Wedding Pie #7

CURE 5/5
TOTAL 30/30

Consider Wedding Pie #7 a ‘check all the boxes’ kind of strain. This Grape Pie leaning phenotype of Wedding Pie (Wedding Cake x Grape Pie) selected by Eugreen Farms offers a smell/smoke/effect that just about anyone can appreciate. Each nug is cured to perfection, still retaining an impressive amount of moisture and preserving terpenes to their fullest potential. While smoking a joint, my mouth was smacked with a grape Big League Chew flavor, followed by the essence of gasoline from the Wedding Cake. I would recommend this strain to anyone trying to take a load off after a hard day’s work, as it offers a very sedative and relaxing effect.  $15/g, 29.64% THC

1735 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem
(503) 967-6010

REVIEW by max early @lifted_stardust | photos by daniel berman @bermanphotos