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“Mushrooms are cinematic in the sense that you perceive time and your surroundings through a colorful and stimulating lens.”

Leaf Nation Staff & Contributors Reflect On Their Most Surreal Seshes

The year was 2012 and I was already more than several years into my relationship with Mary Jane. At the time, the Cannabis I often consumed came from a local OMMP grower who frequently left me with a few extra goodies. On one particular occasion, he presented me with one of his wife’s famous cookies and warned me of their potency. Basking in the glow of my 20-year-old arrogance, I gobbled the entire thing.

What I experienced for the next five to six hours can only be described as psychedelic. I wandered through my house taking in the psilocybin-like effects. My visual experience resembled waves and standing up straight wasn’t an option. I finally gave in to gravity and fell face first into the couch. Attempting to sleep it off was my only hope – or so I thought.

Instead, I laid there in a dizzy misery for several hours, with plenty of time to respect the madwoman behind that formidable confection.

-Amanda Day @Terpodactyl_Media


The year is 1996. The setting: a college dorm suite in Western Pennsylvania. My friends and I had been smoking the predominant type of Cannabis that people smoked back in the mid 90s – a compressed, seedy ‘Mexican schwag’ of dubious origin. Who knows how many awful pesticides we consumed thanks to the failed war on drugs? 

As we got more and more into Cannabis, doors started to open up to ‘the good stuff.’ At that time, high grade Cannabis was called ‘kind bud’ and to us it was the stuff of dreams. These were uncompressed, beautiful buds that looked like just about anything middle-of-the-road that you’d find in a dispensary nowadays.

The particular strain of kind bud we were smoking that night we knew little about. It was called Old Man and was said to be grown somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains south of us. Its effects, however, were otherworldly. 

The stuff came on quick after a few bong rips and before we knew it, we were all locked to the couch. Then the hallucinations started.  “What was that?” I asked. It sounded like an elephant had entered the apartment! Turned out it was just my roommate walking down the hallway.  Colors were intensified, laughter ensued – and it remains to this day, the trippiest experience of my Cannabis life.

-Pacer Stacktrain @thepacerstacktrain

Remember before any of us knew what a milligram was concerning an edible dosage? Those were some fun times – the days of uniting with your buddies after school, scrounging up any money possible, and putting it all together to find whatever ganja that was currently available. This takes me back to a certain time and place when I was 16-years-old and had my first opportunity to make canna-butter. After being put on by an older friend with the technique, I was eager to craft my first batch of Cannabis infused sweets.

I then went to the grocery store and picked up a few of my favorite cereals: Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Trix. From there, it was back to the house to concoct what is now known as Ganja Goo Balls – a combination of marshmallows, cereal and canna-butter.

After eating a treat or two, and licking the spoon maybe one too many times, my head started to spin out of control. I quickly made my way to the couch, where I found myself struggling to keep my eyes open as South Park blasted in the background. I then felt my body float to the kitchen, where I stuffed my face with almost a full box of Oreos. After settling into this brand new high, my buddies and I appropriately threw on “Half Baked” and laughed the night away.

-Max Early @Lifted_Stardust


My trippiest weed experience dates back to my sophomore year of high school in Massachusetts. My friend Jordan and I had just picked up a bag from someone we knew through a friend. We snuck down to the basement to grab Jordan’s dad’s pipe out of his stash box, smoking a few bowls out back by the garage.

Within about 10 minutes of smoking we both began to feel pretty weird, nothing like anything we’d smoked or felt before.

From what I remember, we were convinced our vision had gone to black and white and that we could feel our bones through our skin. We attempted to mitigate the situation with a bowl of Cheerios, but were hardly able to eat any since we were so high and paranoid. I ended up falling asleep sprawled across the basement floor, while my buddy somehow made it into his bed.

No further purchases were made
from this dealer.

-Will Ferguson @_710dencies


Rather than giving you juicy details of my over-consumption of psilocybin, I’d rather write about the best times I’ve had with my favorite psychedelic pastime.

Back in 2012 and 2013, I was an avid music festival goer and attended the (now cancelled) Sasquatch! Music Festival. I was with my best friend and we probably went through an ounce of mushrooms during the four-day festival. The psilocybin helped reduce my mild agoraphobia and kept me sane around a crowd that was fucked up for four days. 

If you didn’t already know this, music is especially heavenly on mushrooms. But music combined with lights and visuals made the experience hilarious and transcendent. Mushrooms are cinematic in the sense that you perceive time and your surroundings through a colorful and stimulating lens. I feel like I can see through people on mushrooms, almost like a heightened intuition where I can feel peoples’ hidden motivations.

To be honest, I believe I have superpowers whenever I take shrooms.

-Simone Fischer @SimoneFischerr

stories by LEAF NATION CONTRIBUTORS  | ILLUSTRATION by frank bonilla/creative commons