Sat, Jun 6, 2020

Cresco Cannabis, a relatively new processor in Maryland, has appeared on the scene with a stunning rendition of the mysteriously famous Lambsbread live diamond sauce. Before I dive into this succulent and terpy dab, it’s worth mentioning a bit about the genetics behind Lambsbread.

The genetics are rumored to have originated somewhere in Jamaica, but no one seems quite able to confirm that. Nevertheless, it is generally recognized as evolving out of the island country and could possibly be a contender as a Jamaican landrace.

The rumors go deeper when you look into the history of Lamsbread, where it is even believed by many to have been Bob Marley’s personal favorite! Whether or not this little factoid is true, its strong and vibrant tropical sativa nature is evident in the plant and after taking a dab of this complex, fruity and woody bouquet. The total terpene concentration crosses the 20% mark, immediately putting it into the highest echelon of flavor and vitality.

At first glance, with a tremendous 7.63% myrcene concentration, one would expect this profile to perform on the sedative side of the spectrum.

But after closer examination, I realized that the rest of the profile is a powerful combination of alpha and beta pinene, limonene, terpinolene and ocimene, which when combined balance the sedative effect of the myrcene and corrals it into a high functioning, pain relieving high.

This Lambsbread certainly brings a high dosage of THC per dab, and as a chronic pain patient, I absolutely need that higher dosage.

I look for myrcene dominant profiles at every opportunity, specifically because they are so effective for my pain related symptoms.

Here, as many of you know, some of the most pain relieving, stoney baloney cultivars produce what’s known as ‘couch lock’ – the deeply relaxed and therapeutic feeling of being glued to a comfy surface.

Dropping one of the larger chunks of Lambsbread crystal – soaked in the slightly woody, fruity sauce with just a hint of gas on the top – brought an immediate rush of anti inflammation over my body, showering me with the heavy body feels that I adore when my body aches in cold weather. As my body started to relax, I noticed I was very distinctly not couch locked. Instead, the Lambsbread picked me up after a long day and helped me make the push to complete the work I needed to get done.

Finding cultivars that can at once sedate your pain and energize your mind are an extremely useful dab to keep in your personal stash box, and Cresco’s Lambsbread live diamond sauce hits the spot.

The flavor is complex and nuanced with aromatic layers that shift from the inhale to the exhale, supporting symptom relief and productivity in tandem.

THC  |  8.2%
THCA  |  55.6%
CBG  |  3.5%
TOTAL TERPS  |  20.63%
A PINENE  |  .83%
B PINENE  |  .54%
MYRCENE  |  7.65%
LIMONENE  |  1.28%
OCIMENE  |  1.62%
LINALOOL  |  .23%
EUDESMOL  |  .61%

“The total terpene concentration crosses the 20% mark, immediately putting it into the highest echelon of flavor AND vitality.”

review by WILL FERGUSON/OREGON LEAF | photo by Daniel Berman @bermanphotos