Tue, Apr 7, 2020

Better known as ‘Zam,’ Zamaldelica is a pure landrace sativa, with origins tracing back to La Reunion Island near Madagascar. This cross of Zamal and Golden Tiger is well known for its psychotropic properties, often giving users a borderline psychedelic effect! Cultivated by NW Artisan, this owner-operated garden consistently holds it down with nostalgic and elusive genetics, all the while focusing on small, craft batches.

Upon cracking open a perfectly sealed mason jar, my nose was filled with a tropical aroma, taking my mind to a faraway and warmer place during these colder Oregon months. Sweet and odorous notes of ripe mango, guava and young coconut permeated my nostrils as I quickly broke down a few buds.

Each nug is trimmed to perfection, revealing radiant, crystally, frosty leaves boasting deep and vibrant orange pistils. With a perfect cure, each nug remains sticky and keeps terpenes intact – ensuring the end user a flavorsome and delightful smoke.

After firing up a gorilla finger sized joint, I was quickly put in my place. As I found myself starting to experience a truly euphoric head high, I had to put the joint down to collect my thoughts. With a higher tolerance than most, Zamaldelica presented me with a very powerful and intense effect, unlike other cultivars. It comes as no surprise, as the wide variety and unique combination of terpenes in this strain offer a grand number of effects.

Shortly after settling into this new and unparalleled high, I put on some of my favorite live music – The Disco Biscuits – and felt my mind drift into a serenely calm place.

Feeling focused and inspired, I rigorously knocked out multiple assignments with a clear mind and an eye on the prize.

I would recommend this strain to anyone who enjoys a productive and creative overall effect. Be sure to keep an eye out for NW Artisan’s premium Cannabis pre-rolls hitting the market as well!

revieww by MAX EARLY @lifted_Stardust | PHOTO by DANIEL BERMAN @BERMANPHOTOS