Fri, Apr 3, 2020

“Clearly the buds are more than equipped to put even the highest tolerance users into
a blissful state.”

What happens when some good old-fashioned Girl Scout Cookies are bred with Captain’s Cookies? You get the powerful hash plant, Blissful Wizard, brought to us in Maryland by Curio Wellness.

This cross, already winning Cannabis cups as early as 2015, is known for being bred to be a pure potency bomb! Already in 2015, this cultivar was testing at 29%, but Curio has coaxed the potency of this variety to an astonishing 34.8% THCa content – one of the highest Maryland has to offer.

I am a huge proponent of the terpene profile, and this profile is a pretty decent one in spite of being up against a massive cannabinoid concentration. It is caryophyllene dominant, tempered by limonene and myrcene to round out a solid good mood, lower stress, and relieve pain in a cloud of good feelings.

The smell is reminiscent of some of the more spicy, clovey and garlicky smells, with the high notably heady – even slightly cloudy, but not overpoweringly so.

Blissful Wizard has a glittering, ice-like surface that reflects of some of the best trichome density I have seen in a bud. A thin film of ice crystals seems to coat the speckled purple and green coloration, almost creating a blueing effect that makes me feel like this flower is forever a winter flower. I think it is precisely this snow-like, magical appearance that originally got this cultivar its name. Clearly the buds are more than equipped to put even the highest tolerance users into a blissful state, while the glittering, color-changing wonder of the nugs could clearly only be accomplished by some serious wizardry.

This cultivar has been a noticeably high tester, grower to grower, coast to coast, because it has been bred to be a hash plant. Don’t get me wrong, you can absolutely grind this flower up and smoke a delightful joint with it, but the breeders had dreams of hash in mind when they started working on this cross.

This Blissful Wizard cultivar by Curio Wellness is truly an example of quality breeding strategies manifested in a gorgeous product for our patients. The bag appeal and the numbers alone attract patients, but the euphoric and powerfully calm headspace that this smoke generates keeps the patients coming back.

Clearly, Curio plant wizards have been hard at work to bring you the bliss you deserve.