Sun, Jul 12, 2020

“It was clearly evident with every conversation that I engaged in that I was blasted.”

EXTRACTED by Rebel Roots Farms
CULTIVATED by Pacific Grove

TOTAL 17/20

s a previous budtender, I have seen first hand the magic and wonders that RSO can do for cancer patients. Many would come in every other week and buy out their maximum allotment, generally bringing a partner to purchase more to extend their time until they needed to visit again. I would hear the stories and see with my own eyes just how much this medicine was truly helping them through their chemotherapy treatment. There is no doubt in my mind that RSO can greatly alleviate this suffering and improve their wellbeing.

Rick Simpson is a man who was able to treat his skin cancer symptoms by topically applying concentrated Cannabis oil onto his body. There are a couple of names for this product he developed, most commonly known as RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) and FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil). This product can either be ingested orally or applied topically to your skin.

It is safe to say that the most psychedelic experiences that I have had with Cannabis in the past have been from consuming edibles. It was always a journey to eat homemade brownies with no idea of how many milligrams of THC they contained. While Oregon’s recreational rules cap edibles at 50mg THC, RSO can contain at max a whopping 1,000mg of THC. The typical recommendation for a serving is about the size of a point of a rice grain.

We tested a variety of different RSO from Rebel Roots Farms. Most of the samples ranged in percentages of CBG, CBN, CBC, and CBD. The primary difference between the RSOs were the amount of CBD compared to the amount THC.

I first consumed around 400mg of their CBD RSO, Elektra. For the sake of science, I ended up eating a full gram of Gelato RSO as well. This contained around 670mg of THC, and was ingested in less than 10 seconds with the help of a swig of OJ. As I was unable to remember most of the night, the experience was not necessarily as psychedelic as I have experienced it in the past.

That is to say, that night wasn’t. The next day, however, I woke up and continued to be high throughout the entirety of the day. No smoking or dabbing, just my body and mind feeling the overload of cannabinoids still processing in my system. It was clearly evident with every conversation that I engaged in that I was blasted.

That said, RSO is a serious form of Cannabis and should not be treated lightly. If you wish to use it recreationally as a way of consuming more than the set legal limit, please keep in mind its original purpose.

This is medicine that thousands use to combat their suffering daily, and helps them to continue to live as pain free as possible.

Hats off to the team at Rebel Roots for providing the state and patients with such a top notch and important product!


670mg THC
35mg CBG | 6mg CBD
per syringe and 33.4mg THC per serving – @rolenstonefarms – @rebelrootsfarms

review by makani nelson @choicenug | photo by daniel berman @bermanphotos