Fri, Apr 3, 2020

Opening in winter 2019, Higher is the newest store to open in the Valley! From the creators of Bad Gramm3r, Higher is another fantastic location that offers a wide variety of bud – all while keeping the high end customer service that Bad Gramm3r has been known for. And what a store it is! Between the unique exterior and the gorgeous interior, Higher is a must see!


Go and take a look at this shop. It is absolutely beautiful. The exterior is a reflective surface that the sun beautifully reflects off of. I have to imagine this will look even more amazing in the middle of the summertime, later in the day. Inside the entry, the store opens up into a wide area that just screams Alaskan to the everyday person. Between the hand carved wooden sculptures of salmon, to the wooden wolf up in the corner, this store blew me away. And believe me, my descriptions don’t do it enough justice.


With a vast selection of flower constantly in stock, Higher has something to suit every consumer’s palate. I was hoping that this would be a feature that carried over from Bad Gramm3r, and it has. Definitely browse through everything and find the bud that tickles your nose. On the concentrate side of things, the selection of products once again performs. Carrying products from manufacturers such as Good Titrations, Frog Mountain, Refine Alaska, Canamo, Cold Creek, Good AK, Cosmic Seaweed, AKO and Herban Extracts, they should definitely have something to your liking. For edibles, expect to find products from Northern Delights, Kreative Konfections, Good AK, Lady Gray, Arctic Bakery, Fire Eater and Red Run.


Higher is from the wonderful folks who brought you Bad Gramm3r, one of the first stores in Wasilla. Owners Peter and Teri Zell have once again poured their hearts into opening up a second store. Between their community outreach and dedication to providing a top end experience while in their stores, I have nothing but high hopes for Higher.


No surprises here at all. Aside from recognizing faces from behind the counter from over at Bad Gramm3r, each budtender that I had the opportunity to talk with was absolutely on top of their game. Able to go into fine details about the vast array of products carried in store, these guys and gals are very well educated on the products they are carrying. On top of that, everyone is always very friendly in the store. You truly feel welcome while on location.

Definitely browse through everything and find the bud that tickles your nose.

1204 N Hyer Spur Road | Palmer, Alaska
(907) 450-0420  |
Noon to 8PM Daily

REVIEW by joshua stahle / alaska leaf  | PHOTOS by BOOM MEDIA