Sun, Jul 12, 2020

You creep into a very uplifted state, almost euphoric.

Originally cultivated in the Matanuska Valley in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, Matanuska Thunderfuck has become a legendary strain to not only Alaskans, but connoisseurs worldwide. While the original cut may have been lost to time due to law enforcement, several cuts have emerged with the intent of recreating the fabled strain.

One cut that hold its own is the cut shared by two cultivators in the state. We got a chance to try out some from Matanuska Buds.

An incredibly well balanced hybrid, the cut has genetics that trace back to a traditional Northern Lights, an indica, and Skunk #1 – a prominent sativa strain, with smaller relations to several others mixed in, including Afghani.

Matanuska Buds would also like to shout out VanGeer as well, as they share the same exact strain!

Opening the jar, you are greeted with a smell of skunk and pine, with a little tidbit of an almost vanilla cream smell chilling in the background.

The smoke is incredibly smooth – on inhale, you pick up on an almost fruity and earthy toke. The burn of the bowl is also incredibly clean. But the effect of the strain is what most fascinates me.

You creep into a very uplifted state, almost euphoric. Don’t be surprised if you feel a bit spacey (22.25% THC). I felt energized and ready to take on the day, unfortunate for 8:00 in the evening as the day was winding to a close.

You slowly melt into a relaxed state that while not inducing sleep, is perfect for a relaxing night of gaming or binge watching a favorite show. Along the journey, you may wander into a few giggles or even a slight sensual arousal, as the strain tickles your many senses.

Don’t forget: Have the snacks ready

review by JOSHUA STAHLE/ALASKA LEAF | photo by boom MEDIA