Sun, Jul 12, 2020

“The mouthwatering flavors like mango guava, mixed berry & tropical fusion almost beg you to eat the entire bag.”

TOTAL 19/20
*5mg thc + 5mg cbd per 1/2 gummy serving

There’s something comforting about candy classics. New brands, styles and line extensions come and go, but few things invoke the nostalgia of, say, a jellybean.

This is the first thought that comes to my head when I rip open the psychedelic packaging of Mellow Vibes Jellies, one of the newest hits from Brad Zusman’s Cannabis empire. Mellow Vibes is a rebrand of Head Trip, which Zusman spun off of the success of his Blaze Chocolates brand and his OG Portland-area dispensary, Cannadaddy’s – which he founded before selling to focus on edibles. Though the packaging and name have changed, the goodness inside remains consistent – undoubtedly destined to become a Cannabis classic.

A long-time restaurateur before becoming a Cannabis mogul, Zusman places a high priority on flavor and quality. This is evident in the Mellow Jellies. These soft and juicy gummy-style treats are a confection first, not just a delivery mechanism for medicated goodness. The mouthwatering flavors like mango guava, mixed berry and tropical fusion almost beg you to eat the entire bag.

But be careful. At 10mg THC and 10mg CBD per piece (comprising two servings) these Jellies pack a wallop. Start easy and dial in your consumption. Once you find the sweet spot, the 1:1 Jellies drape over you like a cozy blanket, providing for a mellow experience, indeed.

review by tom bowers @propagateconsultants | photos by DANIEL BERMAN @BERMANPHOTOS