Fri, Apr 3, 2020

Their love of Cannabis from the medical days is apparent in every aspect of the new location


The first thing to grab your attention when entering this spacious emporium will be the smiling face greeting you at the door. There, you will be cordially pointed in the right direction to peruse the countless options. You can really spread out here as there is lots of room to roam. And to make this the easiest experience you’ve had yet, you’ll find the brightly lit space is divided into sections – one wall with mostly flower while the next displays oils and cartridges. And then there are cases full of every imaginable edible product on the market. Also, all your needs for wellness products are handily displayed in addition to a full case dedicated to pre-rolls. And they’re not done yet, because on the far side of the store is the home for Ray’s Lemonades and some of Washington’s finest hash rosins refrigerated for freshness. And don’t forget about the eye-popping glass paraphernalia and other smoking accessories found right there on the floor and behind the checkout counter.


When it comes to variety, this is where these guys really outshine the competition as their choice of flower options reflects their roots in medical Cannabis. And speaking of roots, there’s a deep sense of respect paid to the local flower producers in the Spokane area like BudCo, Blue Roots and New Day Cannabis. The larger players get their nod, too, with the presence of Phat Panda’s wide variety of choices, Smokey Point Productions, and Flight 9’s unique tin packed pre-rolls. Every price point has several options whether it’s a $10 bag of shake or a $50 eighth. But behold, oil is where The Green Nugget truly excels, with one of the deepest selections in Spokane. You can always grab a perfectly decent $20 gram of shatter, choose from one of the 10-20 flavors from Refine, or even treat yourself to a tasty gram of solventless hash rosin from Dank Czar. These friendly folks are well versed in expertise to ensure you go home with the right goods.


Owner Scott O’Neil, along with his partner Sean Fitzgerald, started in the business back in the day by operating Pacific Northwest Medical Supply in Spokane and Shoreline. Then, in 2015, Scott proudly hung his first sign for The Green Nugget. And only three years later, it was time to continue following the dream of providing the ultimate Cannabis shopping experience by relocating to this current location on Division Street in August of 2018. And who better to call upon but his own blood, so he recruited his brother Jason to help with the renovations. Now, you can see for yourself that their pride in the medical days is evident in every aspect of design and distinction.


The goal here is to provide people with a memorable shopping experience, allowing them to view the products up close and browse as long as needed before engaging with a budtender. The friendly staff can be seen roaming the floor with order pads in hand, interacting directly with their customers while educating these fine folks on the finer points of the products, all the while assisting with personal suggestions. They are quite aware that this attention to detail creates the necessary comfortable shopping experience for each and everyone who enters. And when it comes to specials, they’ve lined up one for every day of the week. Monday Funday is the perfect way to start things off with a 20% discount on all flower. There’s also Stock Up Sunday with deals on full ounces, pre-rolls and edibles. And if wellness products are what you need, they’ve even created an extra special deal on every other Sunday where customers get 30% off. And don’t forget about the loyalty program that provides participants with one point for every dollar spent. 200 points gets you a 15% discount, 420 points 20% off, and 710 points will save you 30%.


If you are looking for a fun shop that has over 2000 different products from over 136 vendors, look no further when in the happening city of Spokane. From the name, you would think that The Green Nugget is a superhero – not a shop to find all your favorite Cannabis products.

But then again, who says it’s not?

322 E Francis Ave, Spokane
(509) 309-2130
8a-11:45p m-sat. (8a-10p sun.)


story & photos by EARLY @m3early for LEAF NATION