Sun, May 31, 2020

“When you have such a small canvas you are able to get a lot of detail in a small space.”

The Baltimore-based artist Budder Glass first purchased a glass blowing torch in 2010. Back then, he was messing around making dabbers and such, and didn’t have the expertise to make pipes. After losing a job with the state, he found a part time job and started blowing glass four days a week. During this time, glass sales were almost non existent besides pendants and things for friends and family. Alex was self taught for his first two years, and picked up tips from friends and fellow glassblowers along the way. Fast forward to today and he has logged more than 10,000 hours blowing glass. He spent the entire last week making custom pipes for people all over the country. Check out his past and available works on IG @budderglass.


“I like to make my dewar RBR recyclers very trippy and art inspired, jamming as much art into them as possible. They are only around six inches tall, so when you have such a small canvas you are able to get a lot of detail in a small space. I really like how they function too – they are really small and sleek, almost like a throwback on your classic bubbler. If you look closely at the horns, you can see that I try to create a smoke-like effect in them, so it looks like smoke is always rising from the piece.”

STORY by wyATT EARLY@ERRLYWYATT  | PHOTO by Josh Stifler @marylanderl