Sun, Jul 5, 2020

Their long term, dedicated staff prides themselves in their ability to offer quality, single-sourced products


Walking into Amazon Organics, you are greeted by their knowledgeable and easygoing staff, which makes you instantly feel at home. From there, you are met with an unbelievable variety of Cannabis products, smoking accessories and a plethora of high-end glass art. Three individual display cases highlight borosilicate artists including Marcel, Obie, Jake Mizer, Dellene Peralta and Chaka & Keebler – to name a few. Dividing the clone room and the display cases, you will find a breathtaking canvas that was live painted by Rachel Mandala during Amazon Organic’s four year anniversary party. Additionally, you can come here to find a huge variety of high-quality swag crafted by local Eugene companies including Threadbare Print House. I also highly recommend sitting on one of their comfy couches and flipping through the latest issue of the Leaf!


One thing you will notice right away at Amazon Organics is their carefully curated Cannabis menu. Their team does an incredible job stocking all of the hottest products, making this store an ideal place to shop if you are looking for some of the latest industry favorites. During our visit, my eyes were immediately drawn to their wide variety of Bo’s Nose Knows, Nelson and Co, Happy Cabbage and Echo Electuary. In the cartridge department, Amazon Organics offers a handful of local Eugene companies including WVA and Evolvd. Some farms you can more or less always find on the flower shelf include Green Bodhi, Deep Creek Farms, Eugreen No-Till and Gnome Grown. Amazon Organics also offers its vertically integrated line of products including Herban Tribe’s juices, gummies, tinctures and a wide variety of flowers. Another high point is their clone program, in which they offer a variety of starter plants that have been vigorously cloned from a collection of mothers, including strains like Superman #3, Lemon Jack and Forum GSC.


Since opening their shop doors on April 20, 2014, owner Shane Cavanaugh and his team set out on a mission to provide the town of Eugene with a reliable and solid selection of products that patients could count on time and time again. Amazon Organics was inspired by Shane’s longtime love and passion for the Cannabis plant, and his desire to find a way to stay in the game. Rooted deep into the local culture, Shane and General Manager Adam Deering have been blowing glass together for over 25 years. Borosilicate art holds a significant place in Amazon Organics’ team’s hearts and has kept them in the lifestyle that much more. Their involvement with the community couldn’t be more sincere, as their partnered music venue, Session Music Hall & Lounge, enhances live bands and CBD in unison. Customers can also feel rest assured that all products have been sampled by staff to ensure quality and have been hunted based on customer demand!


Their long term, dedicated staff prides themselves in their ability to offer quality, single-sourced products that are always available in the shop as well as many other dispensaries statewide. Monday through Sunday, you can count on Amazon Organics for amazing savings. With 10% off edibles on Monday, Wednesday offering a 15% discount on any product from 9:00 to 11:00 AM and 10% off concentrates on Saturday, there is sure to be a discounted day for all to enjoy!


Running parallel to Amazon Creek, Amazon Organics is the perfect one stop shop for all of your high-end connoisseur needs. Whether you need a fresh gram of rosin, a restock of butane or even a new heady rig, Amazon Organics has more than enough options that leave you feeling like a kid in a candy shop. If edibles and concentrates are your preferred method of consumption, I highly recommend checking out Amazon Organics’ jaw-dropping selection.


Green Bodhi | Tenzin Kush #2

while pressing a few buds of Green Bodhi’s Tenzin Kush #2 into a grinder, my fingers were met with an incredible amount of greasy terpenes. This lime green strain has a variety of Chem and OG in its lineage, as the smell that it emits is extremely earthy and gassy. After sparking up a gram joint, I was super impressed with the amount of flavor retention, as I experienced my mouth filled with notes of pine. I would recommend this cultivar to those who are looking for a relaxing and balancing effect.
$18/g, 25.25% THC

Herban Tribe | Delta 8 THC Sour Green Apple Gummies

In the array of products that Herban Tribe offers, their Delta 8 THC gummies are quite unique in the sense that they offer an extremely clear-headed effect, providing an ideal option for those with anxiety. Delta 8 has been linked to neuroprotection for the aging brain, as well as providing relief for pain and nausea. A 25mg dosage of gummies helped me effortlessly float through my day, as I was able to knock out a ton of assignments without needing to smoke every hour or so.
$10 | 50mg THC per 10 pack

Amazon Organics
3443 Hilyard St F, Eugene
open 9A-9:45P mon.-sat. & 10a-7:45p sunday/\
(541) 636-4100

REVIEW by max early @lifted_stardust | photos by daniel berman @bermanphotos