Thu, May 28, 2020

“The Cough OG was simply stellar, bringing nothing short of a perfect cure.”

Grow West’s Cough OG burst from the crowd for this month’s featured strain – boasting a 33% THCaand a tantalizing 2.85% total terpene concentration, with a whopping 19 different terps represented.

Grow West has been one of my favorite growers because they’ve consistently turned out products with a great cure and well-preserved moisture content. The Cough OG was simply stellar, bringing nothing short of a perfect cure – leaving me reveling at the buds as they retained their sticky form even after squeezing them flat. Having confirmed that the flower was indeed well-preserved, I was confident that the eclectic 2.85%, 19 terpene profile, was intact.

The vast combination of terpenes came together in a floral, piney funk with gassy overtones that really penetrated my olfactory system. With its dominant terpenes being myrcene and pinene, I could kind of expect this general smell. However, the temper of ocimene, nerolidol and limonene, with micro amounts of bisabolol, eudesmol, borneol, terpineol, fenchol, camphene and eucalyptol, brought in a very interesting floral note that didn’t quite match any specific flower, but nevertheless provided a distinct scent.

The myrcene and pinene dominance is a terpene combination I have come to love as a standard in my medical regimen, combining the quintessential indica and sativa stereotype effects into one balanced result. However, I did not experience even close to the same headspace I am used to feeling when smoking similar profiles.

Where I typically feel physically sedated but mentally alert, the Cough OG had me sleepy stoned in a super comfortable and all-encompassing way.  The high was a full body, full head stoney feeling that eliminated my pain and had my eyes getting droopier with every puff.

I tapped white ash for at least double the amount of time it takes me to smoke something dryer and I reveled in the moist, dank smoke of the Cough OG. The combination of the cure and the vast terpene profile really put a lot of staying power behind the high, as I was feeling effects for hours after smoking.

A powerful high with a distinctive effect and nose to match, the Cough OG provided me with amazing nighttime relief.

The product was a great example of the highest quality flower Maryland can offer, and a big shout out to Grow West for producing this wonderful medicine for the community. Be sure to check out this cultivar and let me know what all those micro-terpenes do for you!