Sun, Jul 5, 2020

All major businesses and festivals have that one exceptional individual that holds everything together – the glue so to speak. That figure for both Northstar Glassworks and Degenerate Flame Off is Libby Goettelman. With roots tied deep into the glass community, Libby has been attending DFO since 2010 and now runs the coordination for the event. Whenever you see her at the next outing or festival, make sure to show her some gratitude for helping make this event a continuous hit!

“Glassblowing is such a young art still and it has so much room to grow. ”

How long have you been working for Northstar Glassworks?

Can you describe your experience working there? I have been working for Northstar Glassworks for six years. I have never worked for a company for this duration of time before. Working at Northstar is my dream job and somehow it all fell into place for me after college. One of the things I love most about working there is the family-like atmosphere.

Why does DFO hold such a significant and special place in your heart? I have been going to the DFO since the second year it was put on, before I ever even worked for Northstar. I was just into the glass scene and had a few friends that were artists. I go to a lot of festivals and this was unlike anything I had attended before. When the previous coordinator moved and was not going to do the event anymore, I pleaded my case about the love for this event for a long time before Abe gave me the chance to put the event back on. I know it holds a special place for many people in the community, for so many different reasons.

What are some of the influential factors that make an event of this caliber possible every year?

We are agrassroots festival that runs on a shoestring budget and relies on the support of the community. It really takes every single person that walks through the gate to put the event on. From the sponsors to the people that buy tickets, to the artists that showcase their skills and all of the volunteers that give their time. They are what makes this event what it is each year.

Where do you see the glass industry going in 2020 and beyond?

Only growing with national legalization, as well as the amount of glassblowers and collectors that are joining the industry every year. Glassblowing is such a young art still and it has so much room to grow.

What are some of your hobbies outside the glass industry?

I try to see and groove to as much live music as possible. Many times this includes traveling to see some of my favorite artists.

interview by max early @lifted_stardust | photo by DANIEL BERMAN @BERMANPHOTOS