Fri, May 29, 2020

Effects immediately sharpen the senses,\opening eyes and quickening breathing as the terpene driven cannabinoids\rush into the mind.

While we may never know if alien life truly exists, this is one extraterrestrial contact you don’t have to Naruto Run to Area 51
to experience.

When life gets rough I like to look to the stars and imagine how miniscule and special my individual life must be in comparison to the universe itself, pondering the nature of the fact that we are all simply stardust.

For the record: I do believe in aliens and I did write this after my first couple dabs of the Platinum Alien OG. The point being: It is important in strange times to get out of one’s head and into a space where thoughts can flow free of stress and anxiety.

Platinum Alien OG is a fantastic cross of Platinum Kush and Alien OG, bred by local NW Leaf favorites Pacific Northwest Roots. This perky strain delivers a megadose of happy energy that will cut through cloudy spring days.

Opening a jar of gooey live badder slaps the nostrils with bright tangerine fuel, accented by rich notes of sour orange peels and a creamy coriander finish. This live badder is super terp-heavy, with the thick sauce easy to dose and consume down to the last dab.

First inhales from a low temperature dab are full of zesty orange and herbal notes, reminiscent of freshly chopped lemon verbena. Effects immediately sharpen the senses, opening eyes and quickening breathing as the terpene driven cannabinoids rush into the mind.

This is an energetic, mental self-care strain with a healthy dose of relaxation in the body that is more loose than lethargic. Perfect for morning activities from cleaning to hiking, this delicious live badder will have you dancing with a cup of coffee within minutes of exhaling.

Lifted Dream Extracts does a fantastic job of producing affordable top shelf concentrates that honor strain specificity and flavor.

We also enjoyed their GMO (Chemdog x Cookies) live resin, which had a ridiculously loud garlic-rubber-sour-fuel flavor that rocked the palate and slapped the frontal lobes with a stoney ‘forgot the keys but happily looking for them’ high.

While we didn’t make alien contact, we did finally find our keys and will be looking for more exquisite drops from Lifted Dream Extracts in the future.

review by WES ABNEY @beardedlorax | photo by DANIEL BERMAN @BERMANPHOTOS