Thu, May 28, 2020

“I was absolutely blown away by the near candy-like flavor of the saucy crystals – both sharp and gentle on the palate.”

Tropical Sunset HTFSE/HCFSE diamond sauce by Evermore Cannabis Company is one of the tastiest dabs I’ve had the pleasure to toke in Maryland this year. The concentrate’s perfectly translucent gold color was revealed in a dazzling display of dancing light, twinkling through the crystal pieces – indicating a superb extraction and a top tier dab.

As an HTFSE/HCFSE extract, I knew it would be rich in terpenes and high in cannabinoids, and having smoked the flower before, I knew I was in for a rich bouquet of tropical fruits and thoughts of sunshine. But, even armed with this knowledge, I was still absolutely blown away by the near candy-like flavor of the saucy crystals – both sharp and gentle on the palate.

Every dab I took was smooth and absolutely bursting with what I can only assume to be the best parts of a Starburst, Skittle and Hi Chew, extracted and crystalized into one glorious concentrate!

I highly encourage everyone to set up a low temp dab rig and sample this amazing bouquet of strawberry, kiwi, lime, orange and blueberry.

I mentioned the coloring was superb, but our look was even more up close and personal this month, as we actually got to go into the lab and see the crystalized final product before it got packaged up for dispensaries.

Diamonds in the lab are far different from the diamonds you get in the dispensary, at least from a size perspective, as these crystals were the size of golf balls!

A close examination of these gigantic crystals showed pristine purity and smelled like a gaggle of Valencia oranges and blueberry Gushers, rolled in a strawberry kiwi Fruit Roll-Up!

These Tropical Sunset diamonds are aptly named, as every inhale creates the sensation of relaxing on a beach, sampling the most exotic of fruits and marveling at the crispness of the flavor and peace of the moment.

Now this might be attributed to the floating sensation I felt as all of my inflammation melted away and my high kicked in, but regardless, the excellent mood and delicious tropical flavors put me on a beach every time.

The high was distinctly clear headed with pronounced mood elevation compared to many of the heavier and gassier varieties. I found that this dab elevated my mood and kept it elevated with little to no stoney or cloudy feelings for the better part of a whole day!

review by taylor martin @mdcannainsider | photos by wyatt early @errlywyatt