Sun, Jul 5, 2020

I’m a firm believer in the effects that a good attitude has on healing, especially for mental health. Here we find Alyssa, a Cannabis and CBD advocate, but more importantly, a self-proclaimed “neighborhood hope dealer” – which is exactly the medicine needed in this world.

Alyssa has battled some issues of her own and has used Cannabis to self medicate for anxiety and depression. It’s one thing to take control of your mental health and learn what it takes to heal yourself, but it’s another thing entirely to then use your experiences to advocate for mental health in such a public way, which is what Alyssa is doing online.

She uses her message to help uplift and encourage others, no matter what it is they’re going through.

Alyssa’s journey with Cannabis began ten years ago when she was introduced by her fellow student athletes. The plant intrigued her, and she was fascinated by how it affected her.

“Now as an adult I consume Cannabis a lot more consciously, and don’t abuse it as I would say I did in the past. In college, I almost got kicked off the basketball team when my coach became aware of my use. Now my relationship with Cannabis is holistic and my natural way of medicating for various ailments like anxiety, depression and chronic pain.”


“I medicate all day, every day, but the difference now is I do it with intention and purpose – where before I would smoke just to get high. I typically start the day taking a dropper of a full spectrum CBD tincture. This helps kick start my day and rid myself of any anxiety and jitters I may have woken up with. Then throughout the day I will take a few rips from my bong, and take a few dabs from my rig. Smoking throughout the day really helps combat the chronic pain I deal with from past car accidents and helps ease my ‘self-diagnosed’ anxiety and depression.”

Many individuals who struggle with their mental health have chosen Cannabis as their medication of choice, rather than opting for SSRIs or similar mood-regulating pills.

As she further explained, “One promise I made myself in this lifetime is that I would stay away from pills. One way I’ve done that is by tuning into my self and my vessel, and understanding what it is I am feeling and growing through. Once I had an understanding of who I was, and what I feel and go through, I knew Cannabis was the way I wanted to combat my symptoms. With experience and research I have found what works best for me and what doesn’t benefit me.”

So, what works for Alyssa? She enjoys primarily relaxing cultivars that slow down her mind and alleviate the pain in her body. One of her favorites is Lemon Larry OG (OG Kush x SFV OG). “It has a very clean, piney aroma that allows you to feel relaxed, but you can still get stuff done and feel happy,” she explained.

“Two of my favorite terpene profiles found in this flower are caryophyllene and limonene. Caryophyllene is the only terpene known to directly activate cannabinoid receptors. I love it because it works so good at reducing immediate pain and inflammation. Limonene is an amazing terpene that helps reduce my anxiety. Mix these two terps together and you have a beautiful blend of lemon and piney scents and a high that makes you feel out of this world good.”

Now, she uses her education of Cannabis to share her knowledge with others via her social media account, @awheedy, in the hopes of helping them heal.

“My health journey has changed drastically now that I incorporate Cannabis in all aspects of my life,” she said. “Not only do I consume Cannabis for its medicinal benefits, but I also use it for my overall wellness journey. I believe Cannabis is for everyone because of the various ways you can incorporate it in your life. From grinding flower into my bong, to eating a gummy edible, to taking a CBD bath, I can say with confidence that Cannabis has improved my life in various aspects, and plays a major role in who I am as a person and as an advocate for this amazing plant.”