Fri, May 29, 2020

This beautiful rosin wraps you up in a friendly Cannabis hug.

When it comes to this grease, we enjoyed the single source Falcon 9 hash rosin from Bacon’s Buds with relish!

While the name Bacon’s Buds has nothing to do with the delicious meat-treat, or the movie “Grease” (it’s the owner’s last name), you could compare rosin to bacon grease – but only in texture. The oil produced by pressing the flower – or in this case hash – is actually the treat being extracted. When heat and pressure combine to squeeze the essence of a plant into rosin, amazing things happen, causing a gorgeous greasy oil to ooze out.

The rosin has a light greasy texture that is best stored in a fridge or freezer to preserve the terpenes and keep it fresh.

After a couple minutes at room temperature it gets perfectly sappy and ready for a dab, and the beautiful flavors begin oozing out of the 73.3% THC oil.

The Falcon 9 has a sharp creamy citrus tang, with darker kush and gassy notes hiding in the background. The grease melts down to a lightly bubbling liquid at lower temps, releasing a burst of terpenes and a smooth, creamy flavor.

Effects start on exhale, with a calming euphoria that settles in directly behind the eyes. It’s hard not to smile after any delicious dab, and doubly so after hitting the Falcon 9. With stress and uncertainty commonly experienced during these times, this beautiful rosin wraps you up in a friendly Cannabis hug.

Rosin allows dabbers to experience the entire plant in a full spectrum high, and the Bacon Grease blends its perfect flavor “in a deep and powerful fashion.

The Falcon 9 is an indica dominant strain made by the cross of Sunset Sherbet x Tina for a beautiful, tasty flower and even more delicious rosin.

After a decade of smoking Cannabis and dabbing, I find myself choosing solventless concentrates consistently over hydrocarbons.

Not only is solventless hash making a true art, it doesn’t hide imperfections or cover up flavors.

It’s 100% the plant in a concentrated form using only water, pressure and heat to create an essential oil extract of the best the plant has to offer.

Check out Bacon’s Buds for a full lineup of flower, hash and rosins that deliver in value, effect and strain specificity.

Available from Fweedom, Fire & Frost, and The Green Nugget