Sat, Aug 8, 2020

“Every day I have the chance to help people and make a difference in their lives.” Casey Kay – California Leaf – Budtender of the Month

Tell us about your role with The Apothecarium?
I am a Senior Cannabis Consultant — I answer questions from our guests and give consultations on products, dosing, strain choices and different methods of consumption.

How long have you been with the company?
I’ve worked for The Apothecarium for about three years, but I first started coming to the dispensary five years ago and made a lot of friends on the team – which is how I started working here.

What sparked your interest in Cannabis?
How did you become acquainted with using Cannabis as medicine?
My first toke was many moons ago, a passion that never went away. I got my first job in the Cannabis industry through a friend I’ve known since middle school. Having consumed Cannabis for many years recreationally, I looked back and realized it may have always been a way to self medicate. Today, I’m helping people on the same journey.

Do you have a favorite terpene profile or cultivar?
I don’t think I could choose a favorite cultivator or brand – I enjoy trying new products too much! I need to know what I’m talking about with our guests, right? Stay true to the plant and it’ll be true to you. I look for growers and companies who remain humble. Myrcene and linalool are probably most prevalent in most of my strains at home.

How do you like to use Cannabis?
I’m a flower girl through and through. My preferred method of consumption is from a clean, clear bong. I love letting the fresh terp profile linger, while my chest fills slowly. I do enjoy all different products however, from topicals to tinctures.

What helps to set The Apothecarium apart from other dispensaries?
What can a patient experience here that they won’t find elsewhere? The Apothecarium is all about relationships and education – because we have such a beautiful space and our staff are so highly trained – a lot of people feel comfortable coming in who may not feel comfortable at other dispensaries. Every day I have the chance to help people and make a difference in their lives. As a consultant I can go from recommending a pre-roll to someone who hasn’t smoked in years, to a member who is coming back to ease discomfort from a serious medical ailment.

Can you tell me about your most memorable interaction with a patient?
My favorite is when guests feel confident and comfortable bringing in parents, grandparents, or even their own adult children. It means a lot to me and the other staff when guests feel good about bringing their loved ones to The Apothecarium!

What made you decide to become a budtender?
Honestly, I was a Cannabis consultant before I had a title at a dispensary. I would have friends, family and other acquaintances reaching out knowing that I took a lot of time to study different cannabinoids and how they work with the body. For me, it’s natural to now be doing this inside a dispensary.

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