Fri, May 29, 2020

Perfect for a day stuck indoors, you can get positively stoned at any time with this delicious flower.

If you’re going to crash a party it’s best to do it with style, and that’s exactly how the brash and uplifting Citrus Crasher rolls into the heady Cookies party that has dominated the rec weed scene for years.

Rachel Zoe says, “Style is a way to show who you are without having to speak,” and fire style is exactly what the Citrus Crasher by Trichome Cannabis oozes when a jar is popped open.

The phenotype – a meticulously hunted cross of Orange Cookies and Wedding Crasher – has huge and heavy citrus notes that deliver a mouthwatering experience. Bavarian cream melts into skunky vanilla, accented with sharp orange rinds and a poppyseed finish.

The jar appeal of this flower is out of control, but the best part is the fluffy and lightly sticky buds completely coated in trichomes. Quite possibly the perfect pillow of the weed world, the cushiony flower settles into a piece in perfect form.

Ripping into a bowl drives the intense flavor forward into the lungs, coating the palate in a mouth puckering citrusy kush flavor that gets sweeter as the flower burns.

Very few strains taste better when smoked, and this carefully cultivated phenotype of the Citrus Crasher shines during consumption.

Effects grip the mind from the first smooth exhale, filling the spirit with calming and peaceful stoned energy. The body and soul get a little lighter, the day brightens up, and life feels a little easier (and stonier) after a solid sesh. Perfect for a day stuck indoors, you can get positively stoned at any time with this delicious flower.

Trichome Cannabis is a heritage medical farm barely a year into the 502 recreational market, and they bring the medicinal love and care for the plant in each jar.

Their mission is to focus on growing high quality Cannabis with extreme attention to detail and trichome preservation, and we love it! Look for the Citrus Crasher and other tasty flavors from Trichome Cannabis at your favorite Cannabis retailer, and find a new strain to crash a Zoom party with!

Available from Green Token, Green Collar,
Zips! and more Washington state shops!