Sat, Aug 8, 2020

“I found it a very enjoyable way to wind down after coming home from a busy traveling workweek.”

Breaking into the bar, the aroma combined the perfect blend of bitter matcha with the sweetness of white chocolate. Flavor was incredible and not too sweet. Creamy, with just the right amount of matcha infused. No Cannabis taste in these, so be careful not to get them mixed up with your other chocolates. Not that you’ll really have any issue with that, because there’s nothing like these beautiful chocolates out on the market.

The geometric bars aren’t all beauty and no brains – Défoncé tests each batch and product for pesticides, solvents and microorganisms at every level of production. That’s six times!

Quality and cleanliness is their key when it comes to being purveyors of pure chocolate cannabliss. The final two ingredients to their secret recipe are precision dosing and expert tempering, providing a consistent high that feels as good as these fine confections look. 

The taste is surprisingly refreshing, like an after dinner mint minus the mint, and add matcha tea.

They satisfy a sugar craving without feeling like too sinful of an indulgence. I know it takes awhile for edibles to kick in, but I sped up the process by falling into a social media wormhole of recipe videos. Granted, I was already tired when I took these, but I passed out within 20 minutes of laying down. 

I found it a very enjoyable way to wind down after coming home from a busy traveling workweek.

If you find yourself having trouble sleeping, I highly recommend taking edibles at least an hour before bed.

For myself, I’ve found that THC can inhibit the REM sleep that causes intense dreams, which disturbs my restful sleep.

These chocolates provided me with a sound night of sleep, and helped me stay awake in the morning rather than waking up too early.

As always, start with a low dose if you’ve never tried edibles before, because the precision dosing on Défoncé’s chocolate bars gets
the job done. 90mg THC/bar