Sun, May 31, 2020

“I felt a calming cerebral euphoria that was focusing, but not jittery.”

EXTRACTED by Capital Cannabis
CULTIVATED by Capital Cannabis

Paradise Circus is a terpene rich cross of Tropicana Cookies x Tina. Capital Cannabis grew and extracted this phenotype, which at first whiff, smells like a grapefruit rind.

THE EXTRACT came neatly boxed in unique custom packaging, and even included a complimentary dabber. The THCA crystals are rather large for being a single gram and have the perfect ratio of diamonds to sauce. I broke up some of the larger chunks to make it easier to size out dabs.

The flavor is fantastic – as soon as I inhaled my mouth was stained with notes of a juicy blood orange, followed by a slightly bitter grapefruit purée favor.

Normally I find THCA and sauce to be rather expansive and sometimes harsh, due to the higher percentage of terpenes. However, the exhale on the Paradise Circus was smooth and enjoyable the whole way through.

After mopping up the golden puddle left behind from the low temp dab, I felt a calming cerebral euphoria that was focusing, but not jittery.

Flavor and effect wise, this particular cut of Paradise Circus seems to lean heavily on the Tropicana Cookies parent – making it a great option for folks looking to avoid potentially anxiety inducing effects that these more stimulating strains can sometimes cause.

I’m definitely looking forward to trying more consistencies and strains from these folks as they continue to evolve and expand their presence as a quality producer in the recreational market.

82.7% THC