Sun, May 31, 2020

A great daytime smoke, the high was clear-headed, energetic and cerebral.

Forum Cut GSC x Tangie

Bred by Oni Seed Co., Tropicanna Cookies blew up the scene in 2018 and has remained one of the most popular cultivars to this day for good reason. The plant matures with a stunning, deep purple hue and develops a thick, shimmering coat of trichomes that makes for one of the most visually appealing flowers in existence today.

This F2 pheno was grown by All Cali Farms – organically indoor in soil utilizing aquifer drawn water and filtered woodland air. The grow is situated in the hills in remote Sonoma County and their cultivation practices include elements of the native area, a unique approach for an indoor cultivator.

The nose is a mix of doughy cookie terps and rich citrus, leaning towards the GSC side of the lineage. The flowers smoke smoothly with minimal lung expansion and after only a couple puffs of my joint, I began to feel lifted, motivated and creative.

Interestingly enough, despite the flower’s clearly GSC dominant profile in looks and aroma, the effects were more in line with Tangie. A great daytime smoke, the high was clear-headed, energetic and cerebral.0

All Cali Farm’s small batch flowers can currently be found at:
Organicann in Santa Rosa
Mendocann in Hopland
Oakland Organics in the East Bay.

story by Nate Williams @natew415 | PHOTO by DANIELLE HALLE @SWEET.DEEZY